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Cycling Adventures: Burlington, Vermont to Québec City

by Joe Kozell, As a cyclist and a runner for “a few” decades, I have always been a fan of cycling adventures that take...

16 Best Tour Companies Offering Cycling Vacations

Working a fitness activity into a holiday can be a significant part of a Wellness Vacation. It doesn't matter if it's hiking, kayaking, canoeing,...

Kayaking The Magdalen Islands, Quebec

by Judi Lees “I think of them as grains of sand pushed up from the sea,” says Maryse Arseneau. I am in a kayak beside...

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Why Are Spas Good For Our Health?

By Dr. Shamira Hudda As we embrace a 'wellness-lifestyle' - one that focuses on healthy living and prevention, the concept of ‘balance' or ‘re-connection' between...

Spa Ofuro Morin-Heights, Quebec 

Pagoda-style architecture, Japanese art, furnishings and sculptures are everywhere at Spa Ofuro, Canada’s most uniquely-decorated and exotic “nature” spa. To the sounds of a mountain stream...


As a seasoned spa goer there are not many treatments that I've not sampled - until recently, pressotherapy was one of those I hadn't...

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Top 10 Health Travel Must-Have’s From Ziva Meditation

As a meditation teacher who teaches people how to quietly sit in a chair for a living, I travel a lot more than one...

Planning a Wellness Vacation With Intention

When planning a Wellness Vacation or sifting through the growing number of pre-packaged Wellness Vacations and Wellness Retreats available today, it's important to give...

13 Facts About Canada

Here are 13 facts from the files of the Canadian Tourism Commission: • Occupying the northern half of North America, Canada is the second-largest country...

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