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Sayanna Wellness Spa
Photo: courtesy of Myriad
Spa Review 

Sayanna Wellness Spa at the Myriad is Lisbon’s loftiest spa

From the start, you’ll feel like you’re floating with the clouds as you look through floor to ceiling windows in every room - including the sauna.  Read more




snacks for the road
Eating Well

Love seeds? Try these Pumpkin, Sesame, Sunflower and Chia Seed Crackers 

We just tried these crunchy and nutritious Energy Crackers at The Ranch Malibu's 4.0 fitness retreat in Southern California. Here's the recipe 



Wellness Everyday

Seven Tips to Help You Master the Art of Mindfulness

Mindfulness. Simply being present in the moment in a gentle, non-judgmental way allows you to clear your mind of the thoughts and stories that are the building blocks of stress.  Here are seven mindfulness tips from author Nina Smiley 


Beauty & Anti-Aging

New Skincare Line  

We love the concept of the new Don’t Call Me Ma’am skin care line. Not only is it free of parabens, sulfates and harsh chemicals but the packaging is 100% recyclable, and the playful name – Don’t Call Me Ma’am - makes one smile.  Read more



Wellness Retreats

Silent Retreats to help you find Inner Peace & Quiet 

Looking for more than just a little peace and quiet on your next wellness vacation? Find yourself in silence at one of these five retreats


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Wellness Everyday


Treatments & Therapies


Eating Well




Fit Travels  

Running around with Four Seasons

Riding the range in Central Mexico

14 companies in Canada and the U.S. offering cycling tours to various parts of the world, and what we like best about them.  




Wellness things to do in these top destinations: Dallas Denver; New York City;  San Francisco;  Toronto;  Iceland;  Washington, DC;  Vancouver 

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