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Hiking Gros Morne Mountain, Newfoundland

by Anne Dimon If there was ever a time when this body needed a spa treatment, this is the day. After a day of hiking...

15 Best Tour Companies Offering Cycling Vacations

Working a fitness activity into a holiday can be a significant part of a Wellness Vacation. It doesn't matter if it's hiking, kayaking, canoeing,...

Walking Ruta Vicentina, Costa Vicentina, Portugal

Story & photos by Jay Vogt, I love walking public footpaths in Europe. To be able to do what I love, in a beautiful place,...

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Purovel Spa Swissotel Traveling Therapist Jaspal Singh

by Anne Dimon Why we need more spa therapists like Jaspal Singh: 'We've booked you a session with our traveling therapist,' says Ayse Karpat marketing manager...

The Inn On The Twenty In Jordan Village Niagara, Ontario

The lovely, historic Inn on the Twenty is nestled on the tiny, perfect main street of the teeny town of Jordan, and just a...

Ready for a Spa Cleanse at Miami’s Carillon Hotel?

I took the concept of spring cleaning a step further this year. After months filled with erratic eating habits (too much caffeine and too...

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Good for the Road: Tips & Products

How to Eat Healthy On-the-Road

by Steve Holt  Eating on the road is about planning. Travelling is a stress on the immune system, due to the mental/physical stress of travelling...

Eco Friendly Yoga Mats from Yoga Design Lab

Eco-friendly technology and fashion-forward design for yogis. Just in time for holiday shoppers looking for a gift for the yogi in your life,  Canadian Chad...

6 Rules For Planning A Wellness Vacation

by Anne Dimon A Wellness Vacation is Wellness Travel powered by intention, so once you’ve set your intention or goal (for instance, kick start a...

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