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Kamalaya Introduces Life Enhancement Group Retreats

News Release issued August 22, 2016:

Specialized Retreats to Focus on Yoga, Emotional Wellbeing, Self-Discovery

Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary & Holistic Spa is pleased to announce a series of Life Enhancement Retreats available now through to December 2017. The retreats, which focus on mind, body and soul, will allow guests to further explore specific areas of interest under the guidance of distinct wellness experts, adding to Kamalaya’s continued dedication to individual wellness programs and personalized health journeys.

The results-oriented, small group retreats will include yoga immersions guided by renowned ‘Yin & Yang Yoga’ teacher Simon Low, explorations of emotional wellbeing with Kamalaya’s Life Enhancement Mentors and self-discovery retreats with Kamalaya co-founder Karina Stewart, Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine and a maven in the field of health and wellbeing. Each intimate retreat, with a maximum of 12 participants, will combine life enriching insights and carefully selected wellness treatments based on Kamalaya’s philosophy of holistic wellness.

Life Enhancement Retreats:

“Yin & Yang Yoga Immersion” with Simon Low
2016: October 6-10, December 1-5 

2017: April 13-17, October 19-23, December 7-11

Enrich and expand yoga practice through a four night yoga immersion with Simon Low, one of the world’s foremost specialists of ‘Yin & Yang Yoga’. Principal of ‘The Yoga Academy' and co-founder of Triyoga in London, Low has been teaching yoga internationally for more than 20 years with ongoing studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine, applied anatomy, Pranayama, Oriental and contemporary energy practices, psychology and philosophy. Suitable for all levels of experience, the retreats will include dynamic Yang Yoga practice with flowing Vinyasa and a broad asana spectrum building energy, flexibility and strength, followed by slower paced Yin Yoga, using long passive holds to work on the connective tissues and energy systems to achieving a sense of inner strength, calmness and presence.

“Finding Emotional Balance & Freedom” with Kamalaya’s Life Enhancement Mentors

2016: November 10-16
2017: April 6-12, April 27 - May 3, June 22-28, August 31 - September 6, November 2-8

Join Kamalaya’s Life Enhancement Mentors for a six night intimate group setting where participants will explore their own emotional habits and practice practical and effective responses to life’s challenges. Led by Kamalaya’s Life Enhancement Mentors, Rajesh Ramani, Smitha Jayakumar and Sujay Seshadri, the experienced teachers all have a strong background in ancient Asian philosophies, having been immersed in monastic lifestyles in India for more than a decade. This unique opportunity will be beneficial for anyone looking for greater connection and happiness with oneself and others. The retreat will include daily group talks, one-to-one mentoring sessions, guided experiential coaching, meditation practices and healing treatments.

“Awakening Your Essential Self” with Kamalaya Co-founder Karina Stewart
2017: August 4-13, September 29 – October 8

In this special nine night retreat, guests are invited to participate in a unique opportunity to work closely with Kamalaya co-founder and Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Karina Stewart, who will facilitate a series of intimate group retreats to support participants through a subtle process of awakening to their essential self. With more than 35 years of experience in the Asian healing and spiritual traditions, Stewart’s approach to integral health and life-renewal inspires people to discover themselves in new and heartening ways. The retreat will combine individual and group consultations, a dedicated nutrition concept and a range of therapies for cleansing the body. Through experiential practices and processes designed to discover, clear and release habits and patterns that no longer serve a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle, guests will learn  to let go and eliminate what is extraneous and non-essential to their health and wellbeing, while reconnecting to an inner source of health and happiness.

Rates for the four-, six- and nine-night Life Enhancement Retreats begin at $2,385 USD per person in a double room. Rates include all meals, daily classes and treatments.

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