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Peddling Poland on a Girlfriend Getaway 

It’s never too early to start thinking about your next wellness vacation, so how about a pedaling excursion in Poland? Writer Judi Lees takes us for a spin around this eastern European country. 

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Wellness, Winnipeg-style: Thermea Nordik 

For a city whose residents withstand bone-chilling winters and scorching hot summers, the year-round Thermea is a haven in any climate.
Mental wellbeing

Unexpected activities that can improve your mental well-being 

No matter how busy we get, it is very important to take time out, focus on the things we love and keep our minds healthy and fulfilled.  Here are a few activities that can improve mental wellbeing

Trip for Wellness Portugal

Essential oils to take with you to ease simple travel ailments 

Here are a few common problems you may experience while traveling and the essential oils you can take for each. 

Movara Fitness Resort

Weight loss advice from Movara Fitness Resort 

The resort is redefining healthy weight loss with a unique non-diet approach to weight loss. What's up at Movara Fitness Resort

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Many of us seem to have busy, demanding jobs and a seemingly never ending to-do list. No matter how busy we get, it is very important to take time out, focus on the things we love and keep our minds healthy and fulfilled. Here are a few unexpected activities that can improve your mental wellbeing:

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Del Mar, CA
New York City
Ojai Valley
San Francisco 
Washington, DC 

TTW Top Wellness Destinations 2016 

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