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A new location for LIFEPATH - A healing and wellness retreat in San Miguel de Allende 

A landmark facility for the wellness-minded residents of the iconic Spanish Colonial town of San Miguel de Allende, Lifepath Center has recently moved to new quarters.

The new location for the wellness center and guesthouse is a spacious casa situated on a pedestrian walkway in a quieter neighbourhood of this historic city, yet just a 10- minute walk to the main square.  The facility houses four guestrooms, a kitchen, a yoga/meditation studio, therapy and consultation rooms plus a number of indoor and outdoor relaxation spaces.

This is a brighter, fresher, more light-filled space than the previous facility but the center maintains the same focus and program offerings. 

There are close to two dozen regular practitioners dealing with such disciplines as massage therapy, acupuncture, chiropratic, meditation, life coaching and yoga, plus visiting professionals offering sessions, workshops and lectures on numerous health, wellness and self-help topics. 

According to Beverly Nelson, Ph. D. and director of the LifePath Center, 70 percent of visitors are members of the community who drop-in for classes such as yoga, meditation and enneagram.  At just 60 to 100 pesos per class (about $5 to $8) these classes are a very good deal.

Lifepath also creates retreats and customized programs for visitors who stay an average of one to two weeks and often longer.  Some of the more popular programs include smoking cessation, life transition, stress management as well as depression management.  

Beverly sees the incorporation of wellness classes into everyday lives on a regular basis as a growing trend.  And, we see Lifepath as a protype for a new genre of community centers.

Packages include continental breakfast plus discounts on treatments and classes. 

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