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taboo resort introduces new food philosophy



by Anne Dimon

There is a new food philosophy at Taboo Resort in the Muskoka region of Ontario, a 90-minute drive from Toronto. 

Executive chef Andrew Dymond says he and his team worked with acclaimed vegan chef Doug McNish of Toronto to introduce vegan dishes to resort menus. 

“We are entirely committed to vegetarian and the vegan lifestyle – specifically in how they relate to health and wellness,” says Dymond.  He says they didn’t want these dishes to stand out so they have integrated them right into every menu along with other fine dining options.   

Culinary trends

The chef, who has been in the industry for the last 21 years says he has witnessed a lot of trends come and go, but “this (the trend to eating more healthfully) is part of the bigger change happening in culinary – the first being local and seasonal. “

He prefers “in season” over organic and changes the menu as often as every three weeks depending on what’s fresh.  “Ethical purchasing” is also part of the philosophy as is the responsibility to the guest to buy the best quality available.  And, when it comes to “local,” Dymond says, “the immediate area comes first, followed by Ontario, then the rest of Canada.”  

Healthful culinary techniques

Other healthful culinary techniques used in the Taboo kitchen include cooking with less cream and butter, sweetening with natural sweeteners such as Agave, incorporating fewer carbs into a dish and serving a greater variety of vegetables on a plate.  Gluten free breads and pasta made with rice flour are other offerings.  

Earlier this summer, the resort opened Spa Taboo, and chef Dymond says they are looking at putting a spa menu together with items such as sprouts and wheatgrass. 






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