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top wellness destinations & wellness retreats in 2015 


by Anne Dimon

In my Wellness Lifestyle Vacations presentation at the New York Times Travel Show on January 24th, I included the following on my list of top destinations for wellness travel and wellness retreats in 2015. Many of them I have already experienced and highly recommend, others are on my bucket list. Here they are in random order:  

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New Life Hiking Spa

New Life Hiking Spa in Killington, Vermont launches its 37th season in May.  Book now to take advantage of early bird specials.   

Ste Anne's Spa

Ste. Anne's Spa in Grafton, Ontario offers year-round retreats. And, for Americans, Canada offers exceptional value right now when the Canadian dollar is at a low.  Check out the February Yin & Yang Yoga Retreat and ask about the room upgrade for TTW readers.  

Fivelements Bali

Fivelements is a spiritual and upscale healing retreat located on the banks of the sacred Ayung River, near the town of Ubud in central Bali. Authentically Balinese offers programs such as silent retreats, traditional therapies, bamboo pavilions for traditional healing rituals and a cuisine based on living food.  

Ranch at Malibu 4.0

A long weekend retreat for those who are looking for a serious reboot, The Ranch Malibu 4.0, in California, is a mix of intense hikes, gourmet vegetarian cuisine, yoga and stretching classes, fitness tests such as the Bod Pod and V02...and comfy nights in Four Seasons Westlake beds.   

Shaping Purpose on Crystal Cruises

Over a 14-day Mediterranean cruise, Shaping Purpose and Crystal Cruises have partnered to offer 20 session hours of self-discovery and personal planning to help participants find their purpose and create a road map to their renewed sense of well-being and best life.  

Other top wellness destinations and retreats for 2015


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