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Desert Cliffs Fitness Spa

Desert Cliffs Fitness Spa offers a structured, hiking-focused, week-long weight-loss program for groups of between eight and 12 people. 

Along with daily hikes through scenic Utah, the program includes cardio and fitness classes, portion and calorie controlled meals, lectures provided by licensed nutritionist, as well as several types of spa treatments to help a client relax.  More on Desert Cliffs Fitness Spa


Golden Door Spa
Southern California 

Most all-inclusive, week-long health and fitness programs are reserved for women only but Golden Door Spa does offer designated men and co-ed weeks at specific times throughout the year. 

Private sessions with a personal trainer, daily morning hikes and fitness classes including Yoga, Tai Chi, gym and aqua workouts are included. More on Golden Door Spa

Green Mountain at Fox Run
Ludlow, Vermont

The 40-year-old weight-management retreat for women only, Green Mountain at Fox Run focuses on the non-diet approach.  Programs combine mindful eating, physical activity and behavioral education classes to help participants modify their thinking and habits to reach desired results. Minimum week-long programs include activities such as snow-shoeing, hiking, swimming, dance, aerobics and strength training. More on Green Mountain at Fox Run

Hilton Head Health
Hilton Head Island, North Carolina

Offering weekly all-inclusive programs plus intensive, extensive stays, Hilton Head Health on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina has been working with clients on weight loss issues for the last 35 years. The focus is on fitness, controlled-calorie meals and mind/body connection. More on Hilton Head Health

Hills Health Ranch
100 Mile House, BC

Located in the interior of BC, Hills Health Ranch offers six, 10 and 30-night stays. “Weight loss,” they say, “is an outcome of your commitment to participate in our special program.”  Lifestyle education, controlled caloric intake, a mindful approach to food, fitness classes, hikes and walks suited to individual are all incorporated into programs.

The goal of programs at Hills Health is not simply to lose weight but “to change a lifestyle that gave you those extra un-wanted pounds.” More on Hills Health Ranch


Lake Austin Spa Resort

One-on-one sessions with in-house Lake Austin Spa Resort experts before, during and after a visit are offered to help participants achieve their individual weight loss goals. Each program includes unlimited fitness classes, educational sessions and nutritional dining and a selection of spa and body treatments.  More on Lake Austin Spa Resort

New Life Hiking Spa
Killington, Vermont

Celebrating its 38th anniversary with their May to September, 2016 season, New Life Hiking Spa offers programs of 11 nights or longer and encourages participants to make solid changes in eating and lifestyle habits.

Their non-clinical approach replaces gyms with mountains, clean air and lush greenery and diets with wholesome natural food. The programs center around hiking but there are also many other fitness activities offered.  More on New Life Hiking Spa

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