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Travel to Wellness founder and CEO Anne Dimon has over 30 years of experience in broadcasting, hospitality, public relations (eight years as CEO of a Toronto-based company) travel writer and industry journalist, plus print and online publishing/editing.

A world traveller, Anne has worked on multiple sides of the hospitality/travel and tourism industry and brings a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience to a project. 

Here are few things we can help with:

For DMOs

  • Identify and review existing wellness travel product for their visitor-friendly factor in keeping with the DMO brand.
  • Create a consumer-focused competitive analyses of existing product
  • Work with staff to create an inventory of wellness travel product that can then be packaged and profiled to key feeder markets
  • Create relevant destination-focused content for print and/or online.
  • Produce a customized print and/or digital version of Travel to Wellness for distribution to a strategic demograpic.

For Hotels & Resorts

  • Review existing wellness travel product  (i.e. spa, in-room amenities, restaurant menus, fitness activities, local tours, etc. ) 
  • Assist with the development of a wellness travel product
  • Review existing in-house and local marketing efforts   
  • Review web site and marketing materials for user friendly, intuitive access and branding message 
  • Competitive analyses of the spa
  • Create content for print or online marketing
  • Work with department heads to set up a system for creating content for social media marketing

For Tour Operators

  •  Assistance with researching existing or creating new wellness travel product
  •  Help in developing the wellness travel brand and market niche
  • Creation of content for online or print



For more information, if you have questions, or to discuss a possible project contact Anne at adimon@traveltowellness.com  


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