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Spa Eastman, Quebec's premier spa, celebrates 40 years of living healthfully

News Release issued March 21, 2017

Today Spa Eastman, a veritable Quebec institution, celebrates 40 years.  Founded in 1977 by Jocelyna Dubuc, the spa has grown and developed by excelling in matters of wellness, healthful nutrition and body treatments.  In 2015 it was elected best spa in Canada by classifying itself among the 10 best spas in the world.  Spa Eastman has established itself as THE wellness destination in Quebec.  Much more than a simple spa, its approach offers an experience; one that takes charge of its clients with a complete program that includes inspiring workshops and conferences, and Nordic baths and treatments.  In fact, whether staying for a day or a week, Spa Eastman has been offering life-changing vacations for 40 years.  

Celebrating 40 years

In order to celebrate this anniversary, Spa Eastman will offer its clients many surprises all year long starting with an exclusive $400 rebate on its signature Health Immersion package.  This all-inclusive package completely represents Spa Eastman's mission to offer wellness vacations without sacrificing pleasure.  Also in the spotlight this year:  a contest offering the chance to win many great prizes, as well as new treatments and promotions.  Additionally, the celebration is a perfect time to launch a new line of age control facial products: Spa Eastman Experience.  As well as Spa Eastman's vintage white and red wines sustainably developed by local wineries.  The 40th anniversary festivities will conclude with the renovation of the spa's restaurant.  Spa Eastman's kitchen is well known for its innovative, gourmet Tonic Cuisine.

In Constant Evolution

Since it was founded, Spa Eastman's extraordinary approach has always emphasized health and well being allowing its clients to experience what it is to truly feel revitalized.  In 40 years it has gone from 3 to 120 employees and greatly increased its number of rooms to 44.  Spa Eastman has now become the preferred location for yoga retreats, boot camps, cooking classes, and even business meetings.  The unrelenting work of innovative and passionate people, its excellent treatments, have insured that Spa Eastman has a lasting impact on the life, and overall health, of those who come to visit.  Of course, all of this takes place in a natural and authentic setting.

About Spa Eastman

For 40 years, Spa Eastman's programming has allowed it to classify itself among the best spas in the world many times over.  It offers all-inclusive packages to an international clientele.  Located on a 326-acre estate offering an un-obstructed view of Mount Orford, in the heart of the Eastern Townships, the site acts as a veritable vacation village.  It's seven lodging pavilions, 15 km of trails, its gardens and postcard perfect landscapes, make you feel right at home.  State of the art thermotherapy installations (hammam, saunas, Nordic baths, pools) complete a large choice of hydro-therapy; massage therapy, body and beauty treatments.  Its restaurant offers a unique gastronomical experience: Ton-ic Cuisine.  Its colourful, delicious, energizing menus are designed to please even the most finicky foodies.  

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