Bedside Reading® Giveaway Opportunity – Stay tuned for next giveaway


Because taking time out to relax is such an important part of both wellness living and wellness travel, and reading is such a popular relaxation activity, we’re delighted to announce that Travel to Wellness has partnered with Bedside Reading® to offer our readers and social media followers an opportunity to win a new title.

Stay tuned for more information on our next giveaway:

Here’s how to win a book a month from Bedside Reading®:

It’s easy.

The truth, Dee Delaney, bedside books

choose bliss, Moneeka Sawyer, bedside reading

In March we offered you a chance to win a copy of The Truth by author Dee Delaney.

Stay tuned for the next book titled!

Here’s how to win:

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2. Sign-up to receive our free monthly newsletter and you are automatically entered to win.


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In January we are offering you a chance to win a copy of Choose Bliss by author Moneeka Sawyer.  And, the winner was Kristen Evensen from Toronto, Ontario.


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