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Carrots, nutrition and keto

Carrots: The Nutritional Facts, And Carrots and Keto

 Among hundreds of diets circulating on the internet, only several are familiar to most people regardless of whether or not they are trying to...

5 Daily Practices For a Happy Life

For those who would like to do something beneficial for themselves and help create a life they love, Dr. Maciel suggests one take five...

Thriving, Instead Of Barely Surviving On Your Winter Runs

by Kristy Thomson Clawing my way through blistering wind, I curled my toes inside my shoes attempting to grip the icy pavement through their soles....

How Journaling Can Help Create a Sense of Wellbeing

Journal writing, or just journaling (as it is most often referred to), is gaining more popularity these days. It’s not really that surprising considering...
brain health, learning a new language

Learning a New Language for Brain Health & Fitness

This post is contributed by the team at BabbelThe obvious reason to start learning a new language is to pick up some key phrases...
wellness retreats, holiday season,

3 Great Reasons to Book a Wellness Retreat The Holiday Season

by Sally PerkinsDuring the holidays, most people can’t help but be cheerful and excited about the season as families come together to celebrate this...

10 Healthy Habits You May Not Have Considered

Dr. Kenneth Prange, the naturopath, natural therapies and macrobiotic counselor at SHAWellness. in Spain shares his 10 healthy habits for creating a wellness lifestyle:...
promoting mental wellness with yoga

Enhancing Mental Health with Yoga

Having lived through and survived a pandemic, we may never look at our general health the same way. While many of us think that...
Gut Health Hacks

Gut Health Hacks by Lindsay Boyers

We often think about our mental health but what about our gut health? Are you experiencing digestive-type issues?  Bloating? Heartburn? Weight gain? Frequent visits...
healthy habits can change your life

Four Tips for Building Healthy Habits

by Mike BwankaHow habits rule your life:How many times have you started a new year's resolution, fell off, and started it again hoping you’d...

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