Pure Joy Wellness Retreat in Costa Rica

The Pure Joy Wellness Retreat – hosted by Renata Joy, a former Emmy-award winning TV producer of The View turned health and lifestyle expert...

New and Noteworthy: Toronto’s Fit Factory Adds New Skill Room

by Erin DavisIf you’re a fitness junkie and live in Toronto or happen to find yourself in the energetic city in your travels, you...
lifeworks, brain health retreat, montana

LifeWorks, a science-based brain health program. Our editor visited for this story. 

In an industry where many of the players struggle to find their unique selling points – LifeWorks Health and Neuroscience in Montana is like...
Camp Fuel, Muskoka, Ontario

Camp Fuel, Muskoka, Summer Camp for Adults, June 7-9

If you attended summer camp as a kid, you probably have good memories of being immersed in nature, learning new skills and meeting people...

Crystal Cruises Mind Body Spirit Themed Cruise

Popular themes return to Crystal Serenity, including a Mind, Body, Soul themed cruise.Crystal Cruises is doubling up on its celebrated enrichment series, Experiences of...

Five Biggest Trends in Wellness Travel, According to WTA Members

Wellness travel is no passing trend. Case-in-point: The rapidly growing Wellness Tourism Association (WTA). The organization just celebrated its one-year anniversary and now has...
Camuy Cave Park, Camuy

Puerto Rico Launches Giving Back Opportunities

 by Anne DimonAs we all know, “giving back” increases our sense of well-being. It is not only part of living a wellness lifestyle, but...
Kold Tec Ice Tower

KoldTec Ice Towel

 If you’re planning to travel to a hotter climate this winter but still looking for a way to stay cool especially while cycling, running or...

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