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Monaco Green is the new Glam

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The Monaco Government Tourist Office (MGTO) has launched the Principality’s “Green is the New Glam” campaign, with the goal of becoming a destination that is as environmentally conscious as it is glamorous.

“Although our new slogan this year is “Green is the New Glam,” the Principality has been at the forefront of implementing measures to protect our fragile environment for years. The aim of the new campaign is to show that Monaco is a sustainable luxury destination,” said Cindy Hoddeson, Director, North America, Monaco Government Tourist Office and Founding Member of the Wellness Tourism Association 

Several targets have been put in place to achieve this, including the ultimate goals of cutting greenhouse gas emissions before 2030 by 50% compared with 1990 levels and of achieving total carbon neutrality by 2050.

The Government of Monaco has unveiled several measures to ensure that the Principality meets the targets for sustainability. This includes the creation of an “Energy Transition Mission,” which manages a fund to support green initiatives, with grants to help local businesses make the transition to renewable energy sources.

One example is the Government-funded “Smart+” program. Monaco’s hoteliers were provided with a Smart Box allowing them to easily monitor their electricity consumption along with an action plan to help them make considerable energy savings. Since the recent installation of the Smart Box at the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort, the property adapted over 800 light fittings allowing it to save one month’s worth of electricity per year.

Key initiatives include the recent installation of beehives at the four-star Novotel Monte-Carlo, while the iconic Fairmont Monte-Carlo’s entire central heating and air conditioning system is powered by four underground heat pumps – a renewable energy source which draws heat from the seawater surrounding the hotel.

Both the Monte-Carlo Beach and Monte-Carlo Bay hotels have earned Green Globe certifications in recognition of their efforts towards sustainability, while in 2017 Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo funded and organized the reforestation of a nearby hillside after it suffered from severe forest fires. Through the Metropole’s “my very own tree” program, hotel guests may donate to help plant new trees in the area.

With 386,000 trips made daily within the three-quarters of a square mile Principality, new transportation options have helped citizens and tourists alike reduce their carbon footprint. Seventeen bike stations, a solar-powered bus boat and a dozen hybrid buses are available, while two Tesla-compatible charging stations mean that eco-conscious travelers can still experience the thrill of Monaco’s iconic roads and hairpin bends in style.

“We are thrilled to unveil the Green is the New Glam campaign,” commented Visit Monaco’s Director of Communications Corinne Kiabski. “Monaco is undoubtedly one of the world’s most iconic destinations, and we look forward to introducing visitors to a side of our Principality they may not have known about before; the destination of choice for the indulgent traveler conscious of leaving a positive impact behind when they leave.”

The Monaco Government Tourist Office is a Founding Member of the Wellness Tourism Association.    

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