8 Wellness Things To Do In Dallas

Credit: Thinkstock – dibrova

Upon my return to the Dallas area in 2008, I was asked about how ‘Dallasites’ are into health, wellness and spas. My response was, and still is, we are very much into health and wellness including spas, wellness centers and clinics.

As a visitor to Dallas you may have to look around a bit for places to indulge – but let me assure you there is plenty to choose from here in Dallas.

Here are eight wellness things to do:

1. One of my favorite wellness locations is Katy Trail leading into White Rock Lake and the Arboretum just outside of Dallas.  The trail used to be an old railroad  into the heart of Dallas but was turned into a walking and running trail leading to the Bathhouse where you can watch the sunset at the Arboretum or walk the One Mile Fitness Trail. 

On a separate visit you might take time out for high tea or take a walk among the flowers artfully planned, grown and worked on by Jimmy Turner the Senior Director of Gardens. Between May and November (on Tuesday and Thursday evenings), you can walk around artist Dale Chihuly’s displays while enjoying concert music. You could also take a class in the Therapeutic Horticulture Program or a creative arts class. The Arboretum’s motto is “let nature nurture you” – and it will!

2. At Sweat Dallas, you can experience the unique Alter G Anti-Gravity treadmill. 

3. At Adrift Float Spa (there are three “float spas” in Dallas), you’ll find a relaxation room with zero gravity massage chairs allowing you to relax prior to your “float.”  In your private “float” cabin, you relax in 10 inches of Dead Sea salted water heated to body temperature. It is so relaxing, a few moments feels almost like an hour.  

4. The Crow Asian Museum offers Tai Chi, Meditation classes.

5. Take an accredited class with Michelle Bardwell of Flower Road where she offers products, services and workshops with a naturopathic philosophy based on recognizing the beauty and importance of all cultures and spiritual beliefs.

6. If you are into yoga, strike a pose for wellness at one of these Dallas studios: Tsada Yoga, Karmony Yoga  Gaia Flow  or Sunstone Yoga with 13 locations across the city.

7. They the gentle whipping of the Venik/Platza wellness treatment at Russian Banya,  a totally different kind of cutural experience.  

8. Roll, glow, perspire  and breathe in wellness in the Bul Ga Ma (far infrared rays and negative and positive ions), the Charcoal Room, the Oxygen Room, the Base Rock Room or the Fire Sudatorium at King Spa, a 35,000 sq ft Korean spa.

Mark McKenney is a spa and wellness enthusiast living and working in the Dallas area. Spas and their wellness component are Mark’s personal passion. He is a connector of people both on and offline, writes reviews on spa and products, blogs, tweets and says he is connected almost 24 hours a day. Connect with him at About Me  Twitter  or FaceBook