Tarot Messages for August 2022

Here’s what the Tarot Cards say is in store for us this month. Courtesy of Hilary Thurston, The Tarotologist

This month’s astrology brings exciting and unexpected changes, themes of self-empowerment and pleasure, as well as confrontation with deep truths. Mars joins forces with Uranus, Venus sextiles the Mars-Uranus conjunction and Mercury enters Virgo this week, making for interesting twists, turns and possible emotional roller coasters as you find your vision and direction this month. 

tarot cards the tarotologist
Photo courtesy of The Tarotologist

The Suit of Swords appears in our collective tarot reading this month, encouraging a focus on the mental aspects of life: intellect, rationality, correspondence and communication. The Two of Swords suggests that we may not be thinking clearly, blinded by the expectations of others, our own self-doubts and uncertainties, and even our own fantasies that may obstruct our rational mental processes. What are you lying to yourself about this month? Like the subject in this card, we may be blindfolding ourselves, preventing us from seeing the truth for fear that it will disrupt the stories we have carefully crafted about who we are, where we’re going and what we value. You may be invited to make a decision this month, and you are encouraged to use your intuition. Ask yourself, what would a person who loved themselves do? And, which direction offers me expansion? 

The Queen of Swords represents a strong, intelligent leader in your midst. This could be you, or someone you are dealing with in your life. This person has a clear vision, strong knowledge of herself and her abilities, and she will assert her convictions with clarity. This card further encourages us to be unapologetic when it comes to what we know to be true. Get clear on your vision, priorities and strategy for success, and communicate it with confidence. This is an excellent time to organize your thinking, reflect and communicate with others to ensure your projects and initiatives are aligned with your long-term goals and higher purpose.

The Hierophant appears in reverse, challenging the energy around systems, traditions and mentors. You may find yourself uninspired or limited by the structures that govern your actions and hold you accountable. Traditional systems and methods may no longer be effective, and you are invited to innovate, transform and progress. You may experience disappointment or frustration with the current systems that organize your activities, industry or societal values. Rest assured, justice will be served, and you are encouraged to cut through the spin, and identify with clarity what works and what no longer serves your vision.

Hilary Thurston, MA, RSSW and Tarot Counsellor, is the founder of The Tarotologist.  You can connect with her on Instagram and Facebook