Ten little way to boost your immune system


courtesy of Grail Springs Retreat Centre for Wellbeing

Give your immune system a boost today!  Here’s a quick check-list with simple actions you can take to ensure you are giving your immune system the best support it needs. A nice boost to the system never hurts even when you are feeling good. Stay Well. Remember, Self-Care before all else.

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  1. Incorporate plenty of vegetables and fruits into your daily diet.

2. Be sure to get 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

3. Drink turmeric tea: hot water, turmeric, maple syrup, ginger. Herbs to boost your immunity.

4. Get moving, exercise regularly, expand the lungs with deep breaths of fresh air often, both will help to reduce stress which compromises the immune system.

5. Remember that Vitamin C (high in oranges, kale, broccoli to name a few) is the biggest immune booster of all, also Vitamin B6 (found in green vegetables and chickpeas) and E (nuts, spinach).  Try this high in Vitamin C, easy-to-make soup

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6. Limit alcohol consumption, and of course don’t smoke (worst perpetrator to compromise the immune system).

7. Keep your toothbrush away from others and replace regularly, especially after you yourself have recovered from a cold or flu. Bacteria can linger and new bugs can develop, which may explain why you might be experiencing repeated flu-like symptoms just when you think you are over it.

8. Wash your hands regularly, use your own tissue box if you live with others, wipe down your bedside table.

9. Change your bed-linens often and make sure you have a protective slip cover on your pillow as well as a pillowcase. Use both.

10. And, most of all stay positive, optimistic, and do the things that inspire you and make you happy. Find a way to release stress daily.

Other ways to stay healthy during the season of colds, flu and other contagions 

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