Wellness Travel: The United Kingdom

Some of the things we once enjoyed pre-pandemic are now slowly making a comeback. This includes one top-of-the-list favorite thing to do, and that is Travel. Now that we are slowly and smartly beginning to get to a state that we might call a “new normal,” it may be time to start planning your travels with wellness, of course, as a top priority. A trip to a place where you can go to unwind and relax. A place where you can explore and enjoy – safely. 

The Wellness Tourism Association defines Wellness Travel as “Travel that allows the traveler to maintain, enhance or kick-start a healthy lifestyle, and support or increase one’s sense of wellbeing.” So a wellness-focused trip could help you feel better, mentally and physically, plus give you a greater sense of wellbeing. So, the big question is: where do you go? Perhaps you have friends and family in a foreign country? Maybe you just want to explore a new place that could help you find your thrill of adventure? Maybe you want to work somewhere new, away from the stress? 

Is the U.K. on your short list for your upcoming travels?  

walking tour Hadrian's Wall
Photo: UK countryside courtesy of Jay Vogt

The United Kingdom offers much for the wellness-minded traveler. It is a great tourist-friendly country that has millions of people from around the globe visiting every year. For some, the United Kingdom is also known as an immigrant’s dream country because of the great benefits and jobs available to residents.  

What does the United Kingdom have to offer? For one, the country has one of the world’s great cities: London. But beyond the historic architecture there is so much more to explore in the UK.  According to Wikipedia, the U.K. is one of the world’s biggest tourism destinations.   

Here are just 9 good reasons to visit: 

  1. Wellness Travel

It is important to always be on the top of your game, both physically and mentally. Being in a place that you are accustomed to can get dull and uninspiring at times. Traveling to new places can open up horizons and inspirations within you that would rejuvenate you and make you feel better.  Check out contributor Jay Vogt’s story on his walking tour of England. 

  1. Architectural Beauty Of The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is one of the world’s countries that lets out a different vibe and feel. The country’s amazing architecture and overall beauty are enough for people to want to visit and travel to this country. 

  1. Notable Landmarks 

Aside from the country’s overall beauty in architecture, the United Kingdom is rich in history. This history can be felt and experienced through the country’s various notable landmarks and historical locations. Want to experience the scenery of what it was like during medieval times? Visit Warwick Castle! Are you looking to have various eye-pleasing artworks? Visit Tate Modern! Interested in history? Visit the British Museum! There are so many amazing landmarks within the United Kingdom such as Stonehenge, Windsor Castle, Chester Zoo, and, etc. that there is just too much to keep track of. 

  1. History 

The country prides itself on history and tradition. Everywhere you look around in the United Kingdom, you will see a rich history in their homes, churches, and castles. 

  1. Culture

One of the best things about the United Kingdom is its great and unique culture. Museums, history, music, and other exciting cultural attractions and activities just waiting to be explored. 

  1. Family and Friends

Maybe you have family and friends living in the United Kingdom, or maybe you are bringing them along on this wellness-focused trip of yours, regardless, having family and friends to visit or bring along in the United Kingdom is a surefire way to make your trip a golden experience. 

  1. Food and Pubs

The country has many noteworthy restaurants that offer healthy and top-quality food that is the best in the culinary scene. The historic pub scene is one of the many things that marks the United Kingdom as a fun and memorable destination. 

  1. Education

Perhaps you want to better educate yourself. The United Kingdom offers some of the best-known schools around the world. Oxford and Cambridge to name just two. 

  1. Opportunity 

The United Kingdom is often regarded as an immigrant’s dream country because of the opportunities and benefits the country offers. National Health Service and free healthcare are great benefits legal residents of the UK can enjoy. Growth in jobs and better pays are also great factors as to what makes the United Kingdom a great country of opportunity.

You’ll find more travel info at Visit Britain


The United Kingdom is a great country to visit for your upcoming wellness-focused travels. But it you want to stay longer and don’t have a visa, papers and other applications, you may want to consider speaking with an immigration law firm like Total Law to handle and help you with your visa application needs. Immigration lawyers can make the paper processing side of your travels run smoothly.