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Andaz 5th Avenue New York City Introduces Wellness Suites

Seven new Wellness Suites are the newest addition to New York City’s 184-room Andaz 5th Avenue.

Andaz Wellness Suites

The result of carefully curated partnerships and exclusive amenities centered on health, wellbeing, and self-care, the Wellness Suites focus on three landmarks of wellness: FEEL (how one feels; emotional + mental wellbeing), FUEL (how one fuels + powers their body, inclusive of things like food and sleep), and FUNCTION (how one moves + functions in work, life, and play).

With the Wellness Tourism Association predicting that an increasing number of travelers will be looking to incorporate wellness into their trips as the industry recovers, the transformation of these luxury expansive suites is well timed.

The vision for the new suites is three-fold:



While each guest room features a complimentary mini-bar that weaves in tastes of the destination, the new Wellness Suite mini-bars received an exclusive refresh, specifically championed by the hotel’s Executive Chef, Christian Clark:


Each room is equipped with the following, which are all available for purchase:

The Wellness Suite starts at $800 per night. For more information or to book call +1-844-929-0156 or visit the Andaz 5th Avenue web site.

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