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Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils, extracted from plants, trees and herbs, for therapeutic purposes. Application during treatments such as massage, facials, body wraps or hydro-baths assist with acute conditions, including acne, blood circulation, detoxification, digestion, and overall stress reduction.

Aromatherapy treatments have become a standard on spa menus. These treatments can include aromatherapy massage, facials, scrubs, baths and other services.

While we understand that ‘aroma’ relates to smell and fragrance, and we know that ‘therapy’ refers to a beneficially treatment, but what does the term ‘aromatherapy’ really mean in the context of spa treatments?

‘In most cases,’ says aroma therapist Angie Leavey, ‘the common understanding is that aromatherapy is about pleasure and indulgence.’

She explains ‘people believe that if they light a candle that gives off an aroma of lavender or camomile it can help relieve stress. They believe if they soak in a lavender or camomile-scented bath it can help them relax. And, it can. However, the true power of aromatherapy lies in therapeutic grade essential oils.

These are oils that are distilled from organically grown flowers, herbs and fruit. Each individual essential oil produced from natural plants and fruit such as lavender, grapefruit, oranges, jasmine, rose, geranium, has a distinct benefit. For example, jasmine oil can be used to stimulate sexual energy, while neroli, which comes from the orange blossom, can help inhibit depression.

Here’s a list of some essential oils and their therapeutic benefits:

Fennel: Beneficial for digestion.

Ginger: Helps lesson feeling of nausea

Citrus fruits: Grapefruit. lemon, lime, orange, for instance, are stimulating and uplifting and help ward off depression.

Rose: Great for skin and hormone balancing

Lavender: A natural anti-inflammatory and can assist with cell rejuvenation

Juniper Berry in combination with Cyprus and grapefruit: A great detoxification blend and can reduce cellulite.

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