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How to Gauge the Health of Your Immune System

I’ve you ever wondered if your immune system is strong and balanced? According to Harvard Health  “your immune system does a remarkable job of defending you against disease-causing microorganisms.”  So, how do you find out if you have a healthy immune system?  One way is with imaware™, a new digital health platform that enables you to screen from home not only the health and strength of your immune system, but other pro-active medical tests as well.

The mission of imaware™ is to help people live healthier lives by helping them identify symptoms and engage in telemedicine physician support – all from the privacy of your home.

Beyond the immune system test, imaware also offers tests for Vitamin D monitoring, baseline heart health, Prediabetes/Diabetes screening test, Celiac Disease screening, both women’s and men’s health and wellness, Rheumatoid Arthritis test, Lipoprotein(a) heart health test, Haptoglobin genetic test, Vascular Inflammation test, IgE allergy test, Testosterone monitoring test, Thyroid screening, Respiratory Coronavirus and Coronavirus antibody and others.

With the exception of the Respiratory Coronavirus test, all utilize a finger prick (3-5 drops of blood) which you then secure and send in your sample on the same day using the prepaid label. You can then view confidential results online in your secure portal within seven business days. Easy.  

Why take an immune system and other pro-active medical tests?   

Simply being aware of your personal health biomarkers is important, but here are also a few other reasons for being pro-active with your immune system and other tests:

In the meantime, ten little ways to strengthen your immune system. 

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