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Fairmont Quasar Istanbul Introduces Corporate Wellness

Photo courtesy of Fairmont Quasar Istanbul

Fairmont Quasar Istanbul, home to the first Willow Stream Spa in Turkey, has introduced a new corporate well-being program in collaboration with Mindfulness Academy.

Enabling participants to gain a conscious awareness approach to life and handle daily anxieties with ease, the unique Mindful Moments program is designed to improve the work-life balance of business people mainly. Those who attend Mindful Moments will discover techniques for an unbiased approach to work life and improve efficiency in this half-day program in the comfortable environment of Fairmont Quasar Istanbul.

According to the news release:  Mindfulness is a mental skill that can be improved and is considered to be focusing attention to the present moment we are in while observing things around and inside us without being judgmental.

Flow of a Mindful Day
The program starts with a mindfulness exercise relieving participants the stress of daily work life. Innovative techniques enabling them to improve focusing skills and efficiency in life follow. The program continues with the “Clean Eating” themed lunch with tasty and healthy food at Stations restaurant before a rejuvenating experience at Willow Stream Spa.

Sharing the vision of total well-being and finding one’s energy, Willow Stream Spa offers a refreshing treatment to participants of the program as well as its relaxing environment in wet areas including sauna, steam, gym and indoor pool as part of the Mindful Moments program. Participants are welcomed to replenish the mind, body and spirit in Willow Stream’s serene atmosphere at the end of the half day program.

Improving not only work-life balance but also creating team bonding by establishing balanced and positive relations with colleagues, Mindful Moments program is exclusive to a limited number of 10 to 15 persons.

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