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Experience Seoul in a New Light with Mindful Week – Mindfulness in Seoul

In collaboration with Mind Design and Mind Ground, the Seoul Tourism Organization is inviting wellness seekers to escape the chaos of the world with Mindful Week – Mindfulness in Seoul.

Taking place October 9-17, the digital initiative will explore 30 local wellness spots in the capital of South Korea.

Peace and quiet may not be the first thing to come to mind when one envisions the bustling city. But, the Seoul presented via Mindful Week – Mindfulness in Seoul is far from the usual image of Seoul.

A perpetually fast pace is replaced with a feeling of rest and comfort (especially when enjoyed virtually from home), as the event explores the Korean spiritual culture nestled in Seoul. Once the time is right to travel again, Seoul offers a variety of wellness activities, from hiking to indulgent beauty treatments.

For the digital Mindful Week – Mindfulness in Seoul, wellness locations are divided into four categories: Taste introduces vegan and/or healthy Korean cuisine and traditional teas; Practice introduces plates that offer special cultural experiences; Stay introduces beautiful and valuable accommodation options including a peaceful han-ok; and Explore shines a light on local producers.

Mindful Week – Mindfulness in Seoul allows participants to safely escape the coronavirus blues as they immerse themselves in a peaceful Eastern culture.  Here’s more information on Mindful Week and how to register

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