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New and Noteworthy: Toronto’s Fit Factory Adds New Skill Room

by Erin Davis

If you’re a fitness junkie and live in Toronto or happen to find yourself in the energetic city in your travels, you should put Fit Factory Fitness (373 King St. West) on your radar.

If high energy is what you need to get motivated, you’ll find it within the walls of this downtown fitness playground. Fit Factory first opened its doors in late 2014, after outgrowing its humble roots and moving from a smaller location.

Recently, Fit Factory opened an additional sleek 12,000-square-foot Skill Room to help you train like an athlete with boxing and athletic conditioning. If you’re looking for an intense, full body, completely sweaty workout with a burn you’ll feel for days, you’ll find it here. It’s the type of workout that – if done consistently – will get you into the best shape of your life.   Or, you might also be interested in these best cooking classes in Toronto 

The gym offers over 300 classes a month and are lead by the kind of no-nonsense instructors (in the best way ever) who will force you to push yourself to places you didn’t know you physically could. The boxing classes use teardrop-style, water-filled Aqua Training bags and gloves are provided to those who need them.

In the pre-existing room, the Drill Room, the gym’s signature military boot camp-style fitness classes take place, which include HIIT drills, plyometrics, body-weight exercises, and more. The classes are designed to mimic the intense US Marine Corps training regimen completed by Fit Factory co-founder Tony Austin during his military days (these classes are definitely no joke).

Other classes offered include Strength and Athletic Training for a full-body workout, Lower Combat for the lower body, and Abs Assault for the core. The facility also offers personal training for those who prefer a one-on-one workout experience. Although rigorous, all of the classes are designed to accommodate varying fitness levels.

Offering a one-stop shop, Fit Factory also features a wellness centre that offers everything from nutrition consultations and health assessments, to massage and physiotherapy.

We recommend checking it out if a solid sweat session is what you crave. You’ll definitely get your fix.

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Erin Davis is the social media manager for Travel to Wellness and a regular contributor.

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