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The Art of Chilling Out for Women

If you’re feeling overworked, anxious and even a bit burned out, we have a book for you! Published by Simon & Schuster, Inc and written by holistic health expert Angela Coleman, The Art of Chilling Out for Women offers readers 101 suggestions to help you deal with modern-day stress and worry. Women, writes Coleman, “are more worn out than ever before.”  And, “With the focus on self-care, you give yourself permission to stop trying to be Superwomen.”  


The easy-to-read, 200 + page book lays out each suggestion for chilling out along with an explanation of the how and why, and an Affirmation, a positive statement to help move one from stress and worry mode to a more uplifting space. Example Affirmations are: “I hold space for myself, even in the busiest times.” and  “I honor my need to chill out by listening ad acting in the best interest of my mind, body and spirit.”  

Along with the Affirmation, each of the 101 suggestions also includes Holistic Prescriptions under the categories of Call to Action (Examples include: Have a balanced ritual, such as drinking hot tea, taking a bath or talking to a friend.) Mother Nature (how and when to use various herbs and flowers), Gemstones (the benefits of certain gemstones) and Feng Shui (offering daily living suggestions for balance and harmony.)  Other Wellness Everyday tips, advice and articles you might find helpful.

Here are just 10 of the 101 self-care suggestions that Coleman includes and expands upon in The Art of Chilling Out for Women:

#1 Absorb Joy and Gratitude 

#2 Invest in Yourself

#3 Take Back Your Energy 

#4 Take Time for Time Out 

#5  Learn to Parent Yourself 

#6 Go Next Level

#7 Defeat Doubt

#8 Have no Fear

#9 See Yourself Multidimensionally

#10 Make Your House a Healing Home

The Art of Chilling Out for Women is designed to help you go from “burned out” to “chilled out.”

About the author: The author of twenty plus books, Angela Coleman is a holistic health expert who founded the global non-profit Sisterhood Agenda in 1994, and later the for-profit business, Sisterhood Agenda Enterprises, LLC.  A graduating cum laude from Princeton University with a degree in psychology and African American studies, she also studied clinical psychology, and received an MBA from the University of Phoenix.   

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