Wellness Travel Agent / Advisor Specialists

The following travel agents and advisors (listed here in alphabetical order) are members of the Wellness Tourism Association and have met the basic requirement of membership. We believe that any one of them can help you incorporate elements of wellness into your next trip, help you find the “perfect fit” wellness retreat or plan the ideal wellness vacation. Tell them Travel to Wellness sent you. And, if you are looking to become a wellness travel specialist, check out this Wellness Travel Specialist Course from The Travel Institute. 

Agency: MyLifeWell

My Life Well
MyLifeWell is an online wellness travel platform offering wellness enthusiasts an easier way to find an escape from the daily grind in order to focus on recharging mind, body and spirit. The Michigan-based company has partnered with wellness resorts, retreat leaders, cruises and tour companies around the world to provide a variety of active and wellness travel options for all budgets. Whether one is looking for a weekend getaway close to home or an extended sabbatical across the world, MyLifeWell is designed to help make every trip a wellness trip.

Agency: Vacayou

Launched in 2018, Vacayou is an online wellness travel agency and marketplace allowing consumers to search for, compare and book multi-day wellness vacations and retreats. The Vacayou team searches the globe to find the best specialty wellness retreats, resorts and active trips that embrace the wellness lifestyle and offer unique getaways, and then features them on the website.

Andrea Dragosits

In the travel industry for the last 18 years working in various capacities including marketing, consulting and travel concierge services, Andrea Dragosits has visit over 33 countries and hundreds of destinations worldwide. She left the corporate world to pursue her dream of sharing wellness travel with others and founded Souljourn Adventure, a wellness travel concierge. Based in Ontario, Canada, Andrea provides consultations to guide and connect travelers and teachers to wellness destinations around the world.

Andrea Wolter

Andrea Wolter Travel Advisor

Andrea Wolter is a co-founder of Intoxicating Wellness a division of Intoxicating Travel Group LLC that launched in 2013 and is headquartered in The Woodlands, TX.  Andrea has over 25 years’ experience in automotive and corporate travel and has traveled extensively around the world to over 120 countries.  Andrea has left the corporate world to start a travel company with her family and with the primary focus on luxury travel and wellness while giving back to communities around the world. She now focuses on the wellbeing of each and every client by designing and creating wellness retreats, education and experiences with health and wellbeing as the primary goal.

Barbara Nichuals

Based in Bronxville, NY, Barbara Nichuals has been President & CEO of Bayside Travel for over 30 years, and has embraced Wellness Travel for the power it has to heal mind, body and spirit. As a dancer, Barbara has found the activity to bring inner peace and well-being. She understands that the path to wellness can look different for each person. To fulfill each client’s individual needs and wants, she actively pursues personalized wellness experiences with the help of countless partnerships. She also runs a yearly writing workshop at the Bereavement Center of Westchester called Healing Words-The Positive Power of Writing.

Barbara Tuckett

Barbara Tuckett

The founder of Suite Dreams Travel and a travel advisor for over 20 years, Barbara Tuckett loves to help people create wellness and connection in their lives. If you wish you were better at living in the moment with those you care about, if you wish you could immerse yourself in a healing, adventure-based, or weight loss travel experience, if you have always wanted a travel experience just for you, Barbara can make that vision become your next vacation. If you need less stress, more digital detox, and more focus on what really matters, she is ready to help you.

Bonita M. Lockley

Bonita Lockley

Bonita M. Lockley is a native New Yorker currently living in Texas. She worked in a stressful “essential position” for 20+ years, became an advocate for living a healthy lifestyle, and frequently traveled for mental health breaks.  As a firm believer that taking “Me Time” on a regular basis to indulge in self-care is essential to one’s well-being, she launched her travel agency, VIP Wellness Getaways, in 2012.  Her goal is to provide life-enriching “getaways” that nurture her clients – mind, body and spirit. VIP stands for Vibrant, Invigorating, Pampering, which reflects the rejuvenating emphasis she crafts within her clients’ wellness journeys.

Buffy Robblee

Buffy RobbleeBased near Calgary, Alberta in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Buffy Robblee started incorporating that lifestyle into her travels over 20 years ago and now shares those experiences with clients looking to book their own wellness vacations with the Travel Agent Next Door. Buffy achieved her Well Being Travel Specialist Designation over five years ago, and has had the pleasure of taking small groups to several destinations including Bali and Maui to participate in yoga/mindfulness retreats, organic farm to table cooking sessions, aromatherapy, spa, cycling, hiking, SUP and kayaking.

Chris Torgerson

Chris Torgerson

Chris Torgerson has been in the travel industry for 20 plus years and is founder and owner of Stone Arch Travel. Chris has a passion for wellness and was instrumental in the design and launch of Travel Leaders’ Select Wellness: a specialty collection for luxury wellness travelers featuring wellness hotels, resorts and retreats around the world. Chris shares her love of wellness and travel with her clients, providing options and designing experiences to meet their objectives.


Debbie Hudzik

Debbie Hudzik

As an accounting professional for 20+ years, Debbie Hudzik stepped aside from the corporate world to embark on a life-changing one-year sabbatical around the world. The inspirations and education from this wellness-focused trip led to the launch of Lotus Travel Company in 2015. Now based in Palm Beach Florida, Debbie’s years of studying yoga and meditation in Bali along with her skills for detail from her accounting business blend together in a unique way that helps guide others on their own healing holidays. One of Debbie’s specials is Palm Beach. To help you plan a wellness vacation, here’s her round-up on wellness activities in the destination.

Jill Radin-Leeds

Jill Radin-Leeds

Founder of Florida-based Just Spas & Adventures, and a travel advisor for 25+ years, Jill Radin-Leeds is a travel concierge specializing in health/fitness, weight loss retreats and finding the perfect wellness experience. Jill has been privileged to personally experience many of the destinations. She combined her love of fitness and active adventure travel with starting her own company 18 years ago. Her goal is to understand what each client is seeking in an experience. Planning each client’s travel details for destinations near and far, her mission is to find the perfect fit by matching the needs and expectations for each client.

Joanne McMillian

Joanne McMillan Joanne McMillian, an Alberta-based agent with The Travel Agent Next Door, has been in the industry for eight years. Her journey to find alternative health options occurred after having to personally endure chronic pain. Holistic approaches to finding relief led her to explore natural supplements, TRT Chiropractic, exercise, yoga, meditation and most of all a change in nutrition. Through her journey and connections made with suppliers, she has educated herself about the benefits of wellness travel and has become passionate about helping her clients in reaching their own personal wellness goals – mind, body and soul.

Kathryn Schutz

Over the last four years, Kathryn Schutz, President of Chicago-based Kathryn Theodore Travel and an independant consultant with Largay Travel, has melded two passions – travel and wellness – into a profession. She believes that self-care on a regular basis is crucial and that a true wellness vacation can help. Even though everyone’s path to wellness is different, Kathryn introduces her clients to the many different aspects of wellness travel which can include stress reduction, sleep therapy, physical activity of many types, spiritual connections, food education and much more.

Laura Adams

It was through working in the travel industry for a tour operator that led Laura Adams, founder of San Diego-based Telamon Travel, to discover the benefits of yoga and focusing on self-care. Through yoga and meditation, she was able to make the necessary changes to improve her mental wellbeing in the workplace. A decade’s worth of industry experience coupled with appreciation for self-care benefits, prompted Laura to develop the luxury and wellness focus that is Telamon Travel.

Lauren Pronger

Laren Pronger

Based in St. Louis, Missouri Lauren Pronger is a mom, a wife, a luxury and wellness travel consultant, and the co-founder of Well Inspired Travels official launched in mid 2019, but working with friends and family in the athletic network for the last decade. Lauren plans travel around the world but specializes in the Western Hemisphere. Lauren’s wellness activities include meditation twice daily, yoga, strength training, healthy cooking, and so much more. She continues her studying reading, and embracing new forms of wellness for the mind, body, and spirit.

Lynn Lee

Lynn Lu

After 20+ years designing corporate learning programs for employees and customers, Lynn Lee eased into travel, and in 2008 decided to create the U.S. based Grab Your Bag Travel As a certified wellness and group travel specialist and lover of food, wine, active adventures, and spiritual retreats, she now designs wellness and culinary travel experiences for vacationers and groups.  Her mission: to cultivate joy, connection, cultural understanding, and enduring wellbeing through meaningful travel experiences that awaken the senses and stir the soul.

Loulu Lima

An industry veteran for 22+ years, Loulu Lima is the founder of Book Here, Give Here based in Austin, Texas, and with independent contractors throughout the U.S.  She believes that wellness is not only about mind, body, spirit, but it also encompasses the socially responsible aspects. Book Here, Give Here is about making a clients’ vacations also socially responsible. The agency donates a portion of commissions earned from suppliers to various charities so travelers can, by booking with Book Here, Give Here, give back. The company can also organize “voluntourism” opportunities for clients.

Mary Funkhouser

As the founder of Journeys That Fit, as well as a yoga instructor, hiking-lover and active traveler, Colorado-based Mary Funkhouser designs wellness journeys for affinity groups. It’s a recipe that finds energetic group leaders/business owners who inspire their followers to explore the world with them. Mary’s career in human resources taught her that those who thrive belong to communities that support each other’s purpose and aspirations. The unique combination of affinity groups and wellness travel affords individual enrichment, enhanced through connections made with like-minded people sharing experiences.

Majorie Sanchez

New York based Marjorie Sanchez is the founder of Lotus Escapes, the Fitness and Wellness division of Easy Escapes Travel, Inc. Marjorie has been a Travel Consultant for 18+ years and has had her own personal experiences with growth and transformation over the year and felt it was important for her to share the passion behind her journeys.  She shares this passion by curating and organizing wellness & fitness vacations or retreats around the world for coaches, leaders, and their clients.

Roberta Klein

A Certified Wellness Travel Specialist, Pennsylvania-based Roberta Klein CTA, MCC, ECC and found of Gifts from Above  is a also a licensed chiropractor, licensed nutritionist, and a registered dietitian with a passion for incorporating wellness and fitness into travel. With personal and vast travel experience, Roberta has invested more than 20 years in customizing life-changing travel adventures. Her other travel venues of expertise include Rome and Pompeii, Athens, Corinth, Egypt, the Greek islands, and Ephesus. She holds destination specialties in Israel [Holy Land] , Hawaii, Alaska and European River cruising.

Shayne Messina

As a retired, full time nurse and a part time travel agent​ for 20 plus years, Shayne Messina found a way to combine her two passions into one as a full time wellness travel advisor and Well- Being Travel Specialist with the belief that travel, truly does heal the body and soul.  She is president of Florida-based Sunmasters Elite Travel



Stacy Luks

stacy luksStacy Luks, founder of Virginia-based boutique agency, Flourish Travel, has been a Virtuoso agency affiliate for 13 years. Living and working for 10 years in Australia and traveling extensively throughout Asia.  Whether travel is 100% focused on wellness or has a broader purpose, she partners with clients to integrate physical, mental and spiritual well-being goals into every trip, ensuring treasured moments of stillness, reflection and memory-making.

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