Three Places to Visit in Israel   

by Bernadine Racoma Israel is a very underappreciated tourist destination. It has a rich culture but also cities sitting...
things to do to reduce stress of travel

Tips to Make Your Next Trip Less Stressful

Traveling can be a lot of fun but in many cases can also be quite stressful. Between making sure you have all...

7 Reasons Why Traveling Is a Great Form of Education

by Ray Campbell They often say that real education happens outside the classroom. However, in what forms does it...
healthy foods to eat while traveling

12 Best Foods to Eat to Stay in Shape While Traveling

by Nathan Lloyd With flight schedules reforming and quarantines easing after about two years in the pandemic, the tourism industry is now showing signs of...
Mykonos, Greece

Where To Stay on Mykonos, Greece  

If you’re dreaming about a wellness vacation, there’s a good chance that you’re fantasizing about crystal blue waters and soft sand beaches. If this...

Tips and advice for planning an extended road trip

Thinking of a fall road trip? After a year of planning, over 9,942 miles (16,000 Km) of driving, 58 days away from home, and...
outdoor adventure

How to Prepare and Pack for an Outdoor Adventure

Whether it’s camping or backpacking, spending a couple of days in the outdoors can not only be an adventure but an excellent way to...
image courtesy of iStock

Eating Healthy on Your Trips

Making healthy food choices when you travel is one of the very best ways to stay healthy on the road. Now, as many of...

What to Pack When You Are Traveling

The idea of traveling is always an exciting one, now more than ever as we slowly begin to feel more comfortable with the idea...
tips to travel safely

11 Tips to Help You Travel Safely

When we all begin traveling again, are you ready to travel safely? We’re not only referring to staying safe from Covid19 or any of...

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