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4 Best Cycling Regions In British Columbia

By Judi LeesWhen it comes to cycling, southern British Columbia offers some of the world’s best terrain. Here are four regions to hit the...

Fit Travels: Walking Vacation in Spain

by Jay W. VogtMy brother and I spent a week in late April on a walking tour of Andalucía, in the south of Spain....

16 Best Tour Companies Offering Cycling Vacations

Working a fitness activity into a holiday can be a significant part of a Wellness Vacation. It doesn't matter if it's hiking, kayaking, canoeing,...

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spa at terranea, resort, southern california

Spa at Terranea, Southern California Spas

by Anne DimonThink expansive ocean view. Think the sound of waves crashing the shoreline. Think a first class, comprehensive resort spa about a 35-minute...

Four Seasons Spa, Toronto

Yes. It’s beautiful. We expected that. Yabu Pushelberg meets Four Seasons?  How could it be anything but beautiful? But the Spa at Four Seasons Toronto, in the downtown...

Pritikin Longevity Center & Spa, Miami

 Pritikin Longevity Center & Spa in Miami has been offering medically supervised, all-inclusive, structured and scientifically-proven health and wellness programs since 1975. Customized year-round...

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Good for the Road: Tips & Products

Wellness Tips for People Who Travel for Work

by Anna WilsonFor people who regularly have to travel for work, staying healthy can be a real challenge. Being on the road a lot...
seaweed snacks from gimme organics

Seaweed snacks and more benefits of seaweed

These five benefits of seaweed are courtesy of GimMe Organic Seaweed  Seaweed contains Iodine and Tyrosine, which support thyroid function.Seaweed has the unique ability...

10 Tips for Travelling with Kids

Forty two days in a van with four kids? Camping all the way? What are you crazy? You'd be surprised how many times I heard...

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