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Kayaking The Magdalen Islands, Quebec

by Judi Lees “I think of them as grains of sand pushed up from the sea,” says Maryse Arseneau. I am in a kayak beside...

Fit Travels: Walking Vacation in Spain

by Jay W. Vogt My brother and I spent a week in late April on a walking tour of Andalucía, in the south of Spain....

Guatemala Hikes: San Pedro Volcano

by Anne Dimon, It's a tough hike up San Pedro Volcano but totally worth the climb! If we're talking places to just BE - at least...

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4 Spa Tips for Men

Whether men choose to spa for relaxation, or treatments - such as massages - that better your health and physical well being, spas now...

Holistic and Hydrotherapy Meet and Mingle at The Standard Spa

by Anne Dimon Participating in a late morning yoga class was how I decided to begin my day at the Standard Spa in South...

Ste. Anne’s Spa In Cobourg, Ontario

On a really good traffic day it's a 90-minute from downtown Toronto to one of Canada's oldest and best known spas - Ste Anne's....

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24 Gifts for the Wellness Traveler on Your List

The lovers of wellness travel on your list are probably the easiest to shop for. Even so, we thought we’d help your cause with a...

Five Great Tips to Reduce Travel Stress if You’re an Anxious Flyer

By Helen Goldstein I am one of those people who don’t believe that humans are supposed to fly. I am not at ease thousands of...

What’s Your Wellness Travel Personality?

Are you a Do-It-Yourselfer? The first question that will help you find the best fit for your next wellness retreat is to identify if you are...

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