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Kiersten Marie Brown, yoga enhancing travel

How practicing yoga can enhance your travel experience

Taking up yoga now during this time of social distancing may actually help enhance our travels once this global crises has been resolved and...
ingredients for sweet potato, ginger, coconut soup

Sweet Potato, Coconut, Ginger Soup

Courtesy of Chef Chris Byrne, Grail Springs Center for Wellbeing, Bancroft, Ontario This easy-to-make Sweet Potato Coconut Ginger Soup is filled with Vitamin C, plus...
rob squire western balkans

Picture Perfect: Western Balkans

by Rob SquireMy recent trip to the Western Balkans was a combination of an education on a war I had heard about but hadn’t...

Ten little way to boost your immune system

courtesy of Grail Springs Retreat Centre for WellbeingGive your immune system a boost today!  Here's a quick check-list with simple actions you can take...
Borgo Egnazia, Puglia, Italy

Sense-of-Place at Borgo Egnazia, Puglia, Italy  

by Anne DimonYou can tell you are in a special place the moment the elevator doors open to reveal the circular, candle-lit entrance hall.And,...
Melina Punta Cana Beach Flamingo Oasis

Melia Punta Cana Beach Resort, Wellness Inclusive, Adults-Only

by Anne DimonTainoti. That is the official greeting here at Melia Punta Cana Beach Resort, in the Dominican Republic.  In the traditional Taino language,...
Vegan Steak

Vegan Steak – Black Beans, Chick Peas, Lentils

courtesy of Chef Fernando Corona, Melia Punta Cana Beach Resort Ingredients 4 cups of cooked black beans 1 cup of cooked lentils 1 cup of cooked chick peas 1...
Adventure activities Miami

Miami Wellness and Adventure Options

Story and photos by Lynn BurshteinFor the first half of the 20th Century, Miami was often considered a low-key resort town for retirees, a...

Wellness Everyday

Good for the Road: Tips & Products

Wellness Tips for People Who Travel for Work

by Anna WilsonFor people who regularly have to travel for work, staying healthy can be a real challenge. Being on the road a lot...

How to Eat Healthy On-the-Road

by Steve Holt Eating on the road is about planning. Travelling is a stress on the immune system, due to the mental/physical stress of travelling...
Kold Tec Ice Tower

KoldTec Ice Towel

 If you’re planning to travel to a hotter climate this winter but still looking for a way to stay cool especially while cycling, running or...

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