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Five Top City Running Tour Companies

New city tours now mean that visitors can see the sights on-the-run …. and we do mean that literally. Running tours are the hot...

Pedaling Poland – A Perfect Girlfriend Getaway

by Judi Lees I pedal a country road surrounded by pastoral postcard scenes: picturesque, weathered wooden farmhouses, dense forests cut a brilliant green contrasting fields...
sojourn, cycling adventures, vermont, quebec

Cycling Adventures: Burlington, Vermont to Québec City

by Joe Kozell,As a cyclist and a runner for “a few” decades, I have always been a fan of cycling adventures that take...

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spa at terranea, resort, southern california

Spa at Terranea, Southern California Spas

by Anne DimonThink expansive ocean view. Think the sound of waves crashing the shoreline. Think a first class, comprehensive resort spa about a 35-minute...

Alder Thermae Wellness Spa, Tuscany

by Anne DimonWhile many travel to Tuscany to indulge their passion for fine wines, I went for the water. Not to drink it, but...

Types of Spas

Technically, there are no carved-in-stone rules that one must abide by to call a facility a 'spa.' Consequently, the term has become almost generic....

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13 Facts About Canada

Here are 13 facts from the files of the Canadian Tourism Commission:• Occupying the northern half of North America, Canada is the second-largest country...

10 Tips for Travelling with Kids

Forty two days in a van with four kids? Camping all the way? What are you crazy? You'd be surprised how many times I heard...
uplift jet lag app

Jet Lag Uplift App

Jet lag.  It is NOT one of the many joys of travel.Whether you are traveling on business deal or to explore a new and...

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