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Cycling Adventures: Burlington, Vermont to Québec City

by Joe Kozell, As a cyclist and a runner for “a few” decades, I have always been a fan of cycling adventures that take...

Walking Ruta Vicentina, Costa Vicentina, Portugal

Story & photos by Jay Vogt, I love walking public footpaths in Europe. To be able to do what I love, in a beautiful place,...

Guatemala Hikes: San Pedro Volcano

by Anne Dimon, It's a tough hike up San Pedro Volcano but totally worth the climb! If we're talking places to just BE - at least...

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Le Nordik Nature Spa, Outaouais, Quebec

by Anne Dimon,  Of the short list of spas that embody the 'Canadian spa experience,' Nordik Spa Nature in the village of Chelsea, Quebec...

Nordik Spas, Quebec Nature Spas, Outdoor Spas in Quebec

From Gatineau to Tremblant, Quebec's outdoor spas offer a variety of wet experiences - even in winter. By Anne Dimon It's Friday noon at Le Nordik...


Shiatsu is a contemporary therapy with its roots in Oriental traditional medicine. Since it is primarily a physically-based “bodywork” system, it is sometimes referred...

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Top Tips Using Essential Oils In-Flight

by Shanna Bynes Traveling can cause extra stress to the skin leading to tried, lack-luster and dehydration which can give the appearance of fine lines...

DeCléor Introduces New Travel Kits

Decléor’s new Travel Discovery kit is perfect for the road. The classy, new purse-sized pack come with a complete line of travel-sized skin-care products...

Tips To Help You Plan A Guided Kayaking Vacation

Thinking of taking a kayaking vacation? Here are five tips on what to look for and questions to ask when booking a kayaking tour guide...

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