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Six Reasons To Book A City Running Tour

Here are our top six reasons why you should book a city running tour as a way to explore your next travel destination:To...

Hiking The Havasu Canyon, Arizona

 by Anne DimonA vacation takes on a whole new perspective when you allow yourself the challenge of discovering the adventurer within. My trek down...

Tips To Help You Plan A Guided Kayaking Vacation

Thinking of taking a kayaking vacation? Here are five tips on what to look for and questions to ask when booking a kayaking tour guide...

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Alder Thermae Wellness Spa, Tuscany

by Anne DimonWhile many travel to Tuscany to indulge their passion for fine wines, I went for the water. Not to drink it, but...

Dr. Kneipp Hot and Cold Water Spa Therapies

by Roberta Sotonoff Most people think of clergy as people who save souls. Well, Sebastian Kneipp, a Catholic priest (1821-1897) did that but he saved...

Miraj Hammam Spa by Caudalie Paris At The Shangri-La Hotel, Toronto

At Miraj Hammam Spa by Caudalie Paris, a marriage of Moroccan and French influences creates a unique and lovely spa environment in Toronto’s downtown core. The...

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DeCléor Introduces New Travel Kits

Decléor’s new Travel Discovery kit is perfect for the road. The classy, new purse-sized pack come with a complete line of travel-sized skin-care products...

Tips For Staying Healthy When Travelling

Getting sick at home is bad enough but getting sick while on vacation or travelling on business is something we should all try our...

Planning a Wellness Vacation With Intention

When planning a Wellness Vacation or sifting through the growing number of pre-packaged Wellness Vacations and Wellness Retreats available today, it's important to give...

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