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Hiking The Havasu Canyon, Arizona

 by Anne DimonA vacation takes on a whole new perspective when you allow yourself the challenge of discovering the adventurer within. My trek down...

Hiking Gros Morne Mountain, Newfoundland

by Anne DimonIf there was ever a time when this body needed a spa treatment, this is the day. After a day of hiking...

Top 5 Four Seasons Walking & Running Tours

City running tours have been around for several years now but running tours available to hotel guests free of charge is not so common....

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Pregnancy Spa Treatments for Mommies-to-be

For spa-loving, moms-to-be, the often posed question is: “Should I go to the spa if I’m pregnant?” Writer and then mommy-to-be, Nicole Crozier, visited...

Temple Garden Mineral Spa, Saskatchewan

THE SPA: Temple Gardens Mineral Spa Resort Hotel is a prairie oasis in the heart of historic Moose JawTHE ENVIRONMENT: When you enter the...

Garra Rufa Fish Pedicure Treatment

by Anne DimonWe finally had the opportunity to try this fishy foot treatment. At the large and beautiful Spa de Autor at the luxury...

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Good Reads: In Pursuit of Slow

If you feel your life is spinning out of control, Jackie Jarvis's In Pursuit of Slow is the perfect read.To quote Buddha, as Jackie...
uplift jet lag app

Jet Lag Uplift App

Jet lag.  It is NOT one of the many joys of travel.Whether you are traveling on business deal or to explore a new and...

Tips To Help You Plan A Guided Kayaking Vacation

Thinking of taking a kayaking vacation? Here are five tips on what to look for and questions to ask when booking a kayaking tour guide...

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