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Gut Health Hacks

Gut Health Hacks by Lindsay Boyers

We often think about our mental health but what about our gut health? Are you experiencing digestive-type issues?  Bloating? Heartburn? Weight gain? Frequent visits...
Mykonos, Greece

Where To Stay on Mykonos, Greece  

If you’re dreaming about a wellness vacation, there’s a good chance that you’re fantasizing about crystal blue waters and soft sand beaches. If this...
Cevana Wellness Resort & Spa

Reboot at Arizona’s Civana Wellness Resort & Spa

The award-winning Civana Wellness Resort & Spa, conveniently located about 45 minutes from the Phoenix Airport, is a welcome retreat for anyone looking for...
Greater Palm Springs

Off-Season Wellness Escape to Greater Palm Springs

Somewhere in the somewhat sleepy, desolate town of Desert Hot Springs is a hidden gem called Two Bunch Palms Spa Resort. An adults-only oasis...
Jackie Roby

Who to Know: Jackie Roby, CEO of Inspired Journey Consulting

Jackie Roby is an empowered Latina, wife, stepmom, friend, yogi, trauma survivor and lover of street art. Breaking the mould of traditional wellness, Roby...

Tips and advice for planning an extended road trip

Thinking of a fall road trip? After a year of planning, over 9,942 miles (16,000 Km) of driving, 58 days away from home, and...
outdoor adventure

How to Prepare and Pack for an Outdoor Adventure

Whether it’s camping or backpacking, spending a couple of days in the outdoors can not only be an adventure but an excellent way to...
Devon Combs

Who to Know: Devon Combs, Unbridled Retreats® for Women

Devon Combs is the globally-recognized leader of award-winning Unbridled Retreats® for Women. Named “Equestrian of the Wellness World” by esteemed Canyon Ranch Resort in...

Wellness Everyday

Good for the Road: Tips & Products

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Eating Healthy on Your Trips

Making healthy food choices when you travel is one of the very best ways to stay healthy on the road. Now, as many of...

What’s Your Wellness Travel Personality?

Have you ever taken a moment to think about your wellness travel personality?  Of course, it makes sense to first define the term "wellness...

Tips for Staying Healthy When you Fly

by Anne DimonHow does one stay healthy when flying, especially on “long haul” flights? Dr. Nayana Suchak, family doctor with Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital...

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