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Walking Vacations: A pilgrimage on the Camino in Spain

by Jay Vogt Camino Frances pilgrims may begin in Paris, or in various places in France, but most start at one of two towns on...

Pedaling Poland – A Perfect Girlfriend Getaway

by Judi Lees I pedal a country road surrounded by pastoral postcard scenes: picturesque, weathered wooden farmhouses, dense forests cut a brilliant green contrasting fields...

Top 5 Four Seasons Walking & Running Tours

City running tours have been around for several years now but running tours available to hotel guests free of charge is not so common....

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Dr. Kneipp Hot and Cold Water Spa Therapies

by Roberta Sotonoff Most people think of clergy as people who save souls. Well, Sebastian Kneipp, a Catholic priest (1821-1897) did that but he saved...

Treetops Tapas & Grill at Grotto Spa, British Columbia

Serving a selection of tapas - the Spanish word meaning "little dishes" - Tree Tops is exclusive to Grotto Spa guests and really does...

Are Facials Worth It?

Are facials worth it? New York Times has dermatologists and estheticians throwing verbal punches. Several years ago, the New York Times ran an article titled An Expression of Doubt About...

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Top Tips Using Essential Oils In-Flight

by Shanna Bynes Traveling can cause extra stress to the skin leading to tried, lack-luster and dehydration which can give the appearance of fine lines...

24 Gifts for the Wellness Traveler on Your List

The lovers of wellness travel on your list are probably the easiest to shop for. Even so, we thought we’d help your cause with a...

Wellness Travel Things to Know About Alberta

In the province of Alberta, spa-goers and the wellness-minded traveler will find the greatest number of spas concentrated in the areas of Calgary and...

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