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Hiking Gros Morne Mountain, Newfoundland

by Anne DimonIf there was ever a time when this body needed a spa treatment, this is the day. After a day of hiking...

Fit Travels: Walking Vacation in Spain

by Jay W. VogtMy brother and I spent a week in late April on a walking tour of Andalucía, in the south of Spain....

Six Reasons To Book A City Running Tour

Here are our top six reasons why you should book a city running tour as a way to explore your next travel destination:To...

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Nordik Spas, Quebec Nature Spas, Outdoor Spas in Quebec

From Gatineau to Tremblant, Quebec's outdoor spas offer a variety of wet experiences - even in winter.By Anne DimonIt's Friday noon at Le Nordik...

Ayurveda – The Holistic Life Science

Ayurveda, the holistic life science from ancient India, is based upon the belief of achieving health through balance of the the spirit with the...

Treetops Tapas & Grill at Grotto Spa, British Columbia

Serving a selection of tapas - the Spanish word meaning "little dishes" - Tree Tops is exclusive to Grotto Spa guests and really does...

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Torres del Paine National Park Rob Squire

Picture Perfect: Torres del Paine National Park

by Rob SquireI love to travel.  No, I mean I reeaally love to travel.  It exposes you to things you never could have experienced...

6 Rules For Planning A Wellness Vacation

by Anne DimonA Wellness Vacation is Wellness Travel powered by intention, so once you’ve set your intention or goal (for instance, kick start a...

10 Tips For Traveling Safe & Stress Free

by Judith Fein and Ellen BaroneIf you are aware and prepared, travel is not only safe but good for body, mind and soul. Most...

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