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Cycling Adventures: Burlington, Vermont to Québec City

by Joe Kozell,As a cyclist and a runner for “a few” decades, I have always been a fan of cycling adventures that take...

Hiking The Havasu Canyon, Arizona

 by Anne DimonA vacation takes on a whole new perspective when you allow yourself the challenge of discovering the adventurer within. My trek down...

16 Best Tour Companies Offering Cycling Vacations

Working a fitness activity into a holiday can be a significant part of a Wellness Vacation. It doesn't matter if it's hiking, kayaking, canoeing,...

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Spa Montage, Laguna Beach

Spa Montage at the Montage Resort Laguna Beach in Southern California bills itself as a 'resort spa' but offers more for the wellness-minded than...

12 Reasons To Visit a Spa

There are many reasons to visit a spa. While pampering only occasionally makes the list these days, the one main reason to spa is...

Reiki, An Alternative & Holistic Practice

Reiki, a form of 'energy medicine' is a practice that comes from ancient traditions of natural and holistic healing and spirituality.Like many other...

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12 Ways to Lose Weight When Traveling

1. List, in writing, every reason you have for wanting to lose weight. Take this list with you on the trip and read it...

5 Tips for Stress Free Travel

by Nancy Shapiro"When you feel overwhelmed, you're trying too hard." ~ Thich Nhat HanhLike pushing the proverbial stone up the mountain only to...

How to Eat Healthy On-the-Road

by Steve Holt Eating on the road is about planning. Travelling is a stress on the immune system, due to the mental/physical stress of travelling...

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