6 Rules For Planning A Wellness Vacation

by Anne Dimon

A Wellness Vacation is Wellness Travel powered by intention, so once you’ve set your intention or goal (for instance, kick start a weight loss program, heal following a loss, learn about how to eat healthy, to detox mentally, or to simply reboot and get back on track,) here are six rules of planning.

Credit: Thinkstock

#1 Don’t go anywhere you are positively convinced you won’t like, no matter how enticing the price or how much your travel partner tries to convince you with comments such as “Trust me, you’re going to love it!” Maybe not.

#2 Don’t travel with someone you find annoying, frustrating, argumentative, causes you stress or will more than likely undermine your wellness goals. ( e.g. I know you have to get up at sunrise for that yoga class, but there’s this all-night party ….)

#3. Stick within your budget. Wellness Vacations are available at a full range of price points so there is no need to create undo financial stress.

#4 Identify your biggest stressor and avoid it. It could be the airport experience, flying itself, a noisy resort environment, lack of reliable WIFI (unless your goal is a digital detox), a hotel environment (either too high-end or too basic) that is not comfortable for you. (This is not the same and trying something new that is outside your comfort zone. )

#5 Confirm what’s included and what’s not in a wellness vacation “package.” You don’t want any surprises at the end of your stay that might negate the great feeling of accomplishment you have following your stay.

#6 Don’t stress the small stuff. Regardless of how well you plan there are bound to be at least a few bumps on the journey. Go with the flow and maintain your sense of humor. Accept what is, and let it go.


Anne Dimon is the Founder/CEO of TravelToWellness.com