7 Reasons Why Traveling Is a Great Form of Education

by Ray Campbell

They often say that real education happens outside the classroom. However, in what forms does it take place? One of the best ways to learn new things is by traveling. Still don’t believe in that? Let us prove this statement. Below are some of the reasons why traveling can be a great educational tool. 

1. Learning a new language

To explore foreign cultures and meet new people, you need to speak their language or at least to know some words and expressions. You will never feel fully comfortable in an environment where you don’t understand a word. That’s how travelling can motivate you to learn. 

Luckily, today you can easily learn some language basics through digital books, videos and apps. But still, isn’t it better to stretch your skills by communicating with actual native speakers? And the best way to meet them is, of course, by travelling, as it gives you a number of chances to develop your listening and speaking capabilities. Believe it or not, nothing can be better than real world speaking scenarios. 

Taking a Spanish Class in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

2. Exploring cultures

To understand how cultures around the world vary, you should see them with your own eyes. It’s difficult to judge how other people live and what they think by just reading a book. It would be more helpful and exciting to educate yourself on cultural difference by trying local cuisines, taking a cooking class, experiencing different lifestyles and etiquettes. All those things create cultural diversity and you can experience them first hand by traveling. 

3. Diving into history

Of course, you can study about the major historical events and different civilisations in class. Some teachers even organize their lessons so that they resemble an exciting journey to the past. However, nothing can beat travelling to real historical landmarks. By visiting museums, palaces and galleries you can learn much more about history than by reading books. What’s more, strolling through the streets where the history was created can help you memorise the information about dynasties, conflicts and changes for the rest of your life. 

Port St. Louis, Old Quebec City

4. Expanding your outlook

Traveling can tell you something new not only about the past but also about the present. While visiting new places, you can learn about today’s world. You have a chance to truly understand political scenarios, economic situations and social structures of the world we are living in nowadays. By the way, to dig deep into that you must have enough time. And the question is how to find it when still studying at college? The answer is simple: you can turn to Edu Birdie, which is a popular assignment writing service. This company can complete any type of paper for you, so you can educate yourself via trips. Traveling will definitely provide you with an unbiased and unprejudiced view on the world around you. 

5. Gaining social skills

No matter how shy you are, you need to engage yourself socially while traveling. Why? You will inevitably face situations when you have to talk to complete strangers or ask them for help or advice. Believe it or not, traveling can be better than some personal development courses in terms of communication. Especially, if you travel on your own. After a long journey, you’ll experience less problems with small talk, public speaking and self-presentation.

6. Exploring nature

By travelling around the world and moving out of your comfort zone, you can realize the incredible majesty of nature. And this is really important as it helps to solve important issues of today’s world, such as climate change and global warming. Traveling can sometimes enrich you more than conferences and seminars. Being outdoors surrounded by mountains, lakes and forests, for instance, you can learn more about nature than in seminars and conferences. Just don’t be afraid to exploring inspiring natural wonders.

Exploring the Mayakoba canals at Fairmont Mayakoba, Mexico

7. Being independent

Some people tend to be quite reactive, which means they rather react to the circumstances placed upon them than make changes themselves. But traveling can make you more proactive so you can learn to take control over your own fate. Travel forces you to become more independent than you are in your daily life since you need to constantly sort out challenging issues. 

Final thoughts

Traveling can bring unforgettable experiences to your life. It can teach you lots of things, such as new languages, foreign cultures and history. In your journeys you can expand your outlook, become more independent, gain social skills and explore the beauty of nature. So are you convinced of the educational value of traveling now?

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Author’s BIO

Ray Campbell is a life coach, academic writer and traveler. He loves exploring new places and believes that traveling has a great potential to enrich lives. Ray helps people achieve their ambitious goals and see the most beautiful places around the world.