Digital Nomad Starter Pack for 2023

As work-from-home arrangements have been a constant trend for the past three years, people have fallen in love with the idea of working from anywhere. We like to embrace a great sense of flexibility. Whether it’s in a cozy cafe, on the beach, or even moving abroad, digital nomads just love this freedom of not being stuck in one workplace. (Merriam-Webster defines a digital nomad as “someone who performs their occupation entirely over the internet while traveling.” ) Imagine waking up this view for a week or two:

Photo courtesy of Red Mountain Resort, Utah

Given that working remotely has a lot of perks– sightseeing, having some side trips, new adventures and the opportunity to fulfill one’s wanderlust– being out of town or out of the country can be difficult, especially for first-timers. So, how do you maximize the luxury of working in a remote setup?

Top 5 Digital Nomad Essentials this 2023

We have sorted out some of the digital nomad essentials to help you ease the transition and have the best experience:

1. Best VPN for Digital Nomads

Before you jet off, first on the list is VPN, a popular app among expats and digital nomads. Short for “Virtual Private Network”, it is an encrypted tunnel connecting your device and the world wide web. It is responsible for protecting your internet traffic and keeping your identity and private information virtually safe. The danger of accessing malicious sites and software could be just lurking around the corner so it best to be proactive and protect yourselves from the snoops!

2. Sweet accommodation

How did this make it to the list of digital nomad essentials? Sure enough, you’re looking for a remote worker’s wellness retreat. The whole trip will be such a flop if you didn’t book a relaxing and ambient place to stay. Needless to say, when you are your own boss, the more hours you spend working, the higher the returns are. So why not invest in a place where you can enjoy the experience of working from anywhere?

Why do you need a better work-life integration at the heart of your travel? When you have been recharged from all those grinds and hustles, you know you will be operating at full capacity. This means you can show up for work with a much better aura, productivity and, even, contagious enthusiasm.

3. Daypack

Here’s pretty much a comprehensive list of digital nomad essentials in your daypack as you pursue working from anywhere:

  • Universal power adapter
  • Jet lag relief
  • Personal medicines/ first aid kit
  • Neck wallet/ handy sling bag
  • Notebook and pen
  • Windproof travel umbrella
  • Laptop and laptop stand
  • Amazing wardrobe
  • Portable chargers
  • Drinking bottles
  • Best digital bank account
  • Travel Rewards Credit Card
  • Wet wipes/ tissues

4. Travel Insurance Plan

To conclude, you want to have peace of mind as you work with the pleasure of wanderlust. It won’t hurt if you get yourself some travel insurance coverage as your personal security blanket for all the risks and hazards of being away from home. These are usually not that costly so avail one for your own protection. IMG has a few suggestions on how to find the right plan


We rest our worries, feeling safe and secure working from anywhere when we are well assured that we have ticked off all these digital nomad essentials on the checklist. Just remember, before hitting click on anything on the internet, make sure you have activated the best VPN for digital nomads! Ready. Jet. Set. Go!