Toller Cranston: Ice, Pain, Passion

by Anne Dimon

As I write this I am visiting friends here in San Miguel de Allende. Every visit to this beautiful Colonial city located about a three-hour drive from Mexico City, always makes me think of charismatic artist and Olympic champion figure skater Toller Cranston who my husband and I first visited in this beautiful Colonial city way back in the late fall of 2010. Here’s my story on that visit.

That was almost 14 years ago, and now it has been almost 10 years since this Canadian legend passed away back in January 2015.   

The recently released book Toller Cranston: Ice, Paint, Passion written by Toller’s sister Phillippa Cranston Baran, is an amazing tribute to this Olympic champion and pioneer who took men’s figure skating to a breathtaking new art form.  The book chronicles his captivating journey as a trailblazer and includes his artwork (at least count over 20,000 paintings showcased in exhibits worldwide), his TV specials (my husband, John Dimon, was the CBC producer of his award-winner production Strawberry Ice) and so much more.   

Toller Cranston: Ice, Paint, Passion is not just a biography. It’s a celebration of a remarkable life that transcends boundaries. a testament to the enduring legacy of Toller Cranston, a true icon.

The book can be purchased through publisher Southerland House Books