St. Lucia’s BodyHoliday Resort Offers Health-Focused Theme Months

If you’re an avid wellness-seeking traveler, you’ve likely heard of the picture-perfect BodyHoliday Resort. But what you may not know is that the celebrated spot features theme months throughout the year – with themes that include everything from yoga and dance to sailing. 

Set in the stunning Saint Lucia, the all-inclusive beachfront resort offers guests a place to recharge and feel energized. Guests can expect things such as a varied and healthy cuisine and a range of activities that range from cycling tours and daily walks, to kayaking, T’ai Chi, Pilates and Zumba. 

Those partial to more sports-oriented activities can spend their vacation scuba diving, sailing, windsurfing, playing tennis, golfing, or practicing their archery skills. 

When it comes to winding down, the resort’s Wellness Centre houses a team of skilled therapists who offer an endless list of options, including Ayurvedic treatments. There are also meditation, stress management, WellFit programs, plus other wellness-focused offerings.  

Now, back to the theme months. For nine months of the year, BodyHoliday Resort welcomes professional practitioners, athletes, dancers, sailors and sports stars to present special programs. 


At BodyHoliday Resort, here are the current theme months for 2024 

Spring Sail (April 8-19)
Guests have the opportunity to learn from the best sailors in the world at Spring Sail, while luxuriating in a world-class all-inclusive wellness resort. There is something for everyone, from introductory lessons for novice sailors to competitive regattas for more seasoned sailors.

Jive June (June 3 to 23)
BodyHoliday is once again dedicating the whole month of June to dance. The resort will offer 19 daytime dance and dance-fitness classes per week, including Zumba, Disco Aerobics, Street Dance, Foxtrot, Dance Step, Hip Hop, AquaDance, Jive, Salsa, Argentine Tango, Merengue, Latin Aerobics and Cha ChaCha.

WellFit Tribes (July 1 to August 23)
WellFit Tribes is a family-based fitness week that encompasses all aspects of the resort. You can expect to develop your physical fitness, strength and stamina with unique Beach Boot Camps instructed by visiting Olympians; gain mental focus and clarity through Yoga presented by international teachers; and learn new skills such as first aid CPR, basic sailing and even healthy cooking.

September Solos (September 2 to 27)
The month of September has become known as September Solos at BodyHoliday. The retreat is designed to offer the best elements of health, well-being and fun with other like-minded solo travelers. The experience includes hosted dinners and dedicated fitness classes. 

October Yoga (September 30 to October 25)
BodyHoliday transforms into the ultimate yoga retreat in October. The month-long program of activities, directed by seasoned teachers, offers limitless lessons, featuring Hatha, Ashtanga, Shanthi, and Katti yoga and meditation classes for all levels of experience. The experience also includes a variety of massage and therapeutic treatments, as well as a special menu of yogic foods. 

Find more information on all BodyHoliday Resort theme months here.