Travel 911 – A Health Guide for Adventurers

Your bags are packed. You’re ready to hit the road. But have you planned for any health issues that may occur as you enjoy your next travel adventure? In her new book Travel 911, A Health Guide for Adventurers, Dr. Yvette McQueen, known as The Travel Doctor, offers 12 chapters filled with savvy and exceedingly useful advice to help travelers to both prevent and deal with a series of health concerns and issues. Travel 911 chapters deal with a wide range of topics including Health Items to Pack for Travel and the very basics of Healthy Travel, to potential issues such as jet lag, to travelers diarrhea to altitude and motions sickness and even bug bites and sun burn.

For instance, when dealing with bug bites in certain destinations, “you may need pre-travel medication as disease prevention” from certain mosquitos, flees and flies.   In the chapter on Health Items to Pack, Dr. McQueen strongly advises that one should not pack over-the-counter and prescription medications in checked luggage. “If you are traveling internationally, take your prescription medications in the original bottles with your name on them. In some countries, the daily pill boxes with unnamed pills are not allowed when going through customs.” 

She points out that hydration is an important aspect of your travel health. “Flying will dehydrate you. The recycles air in the cabin, the altitude, the pressurized compartment, and the changed in your daily routine all contribute to this factor.”  She acknowledges that while one cannot bring liquid through airport security that you can bring an empty reusable bottle to fill with water before boarding. She also points out that maintaining a normal schedule of eating and getting enough sleep are also crucial for maintaining a healthy you when traveling.    

Chapter 10 of Travel 911 deals with prevention and medical travel insurance. First Aid basics and possible post-travel illnesses are also included.  There’s even a section on emergency contact numbers for 36 countries.  You can purchase this handy, easy-to-carry and informative 96-page Travel 911 for just $10 here.    

And here are a few other tips to make your next trip less stressful

Yvette McQueen M.D. is a global physician on a mission to educate about health, wellness travel, and disease prevention. She is an Emergency Medicine physician and Travel Doctor; working as a physician across the US and the Caribbean. Dr. McQueen also serves as a concierge travel physician ensuring healthy and safe travel before and during an international trip. Dr. McQueen is a speaker, blogger, author, consultant, CPR/First Aid instructor, and personal coach. She teaches personal wellness, self-care, stress reduction and lifestyle modifications for living the best life.