Artesia Spa at The Grand Hotel, Oslo

Mood lit and themed, Artesia Spa, located in the Oslo’s historic Grand Hotel, takes guest virtually to the backwoods of Norway. Birch trees lined up around the pool area create the feeling of a Norwegian lake. Frosted glass doors tinted with tree motifs and coloured LED lighting makes it hard to tell whether you’ve gone back to nature – or the future.


While the spa’s home may be one of the city’s cherished landmarks, it’s also a modern oasis hosting international stars such Oprah Winfrey and Madonna.

In one of the comfortably-sized treatment rooms, stacks of soft towels, a heated bed and the smell of essential oils transport me straight into relaxation mode. While the body absorbs the nourishment and moisture of the strawberry and creme fraichè body wrap (the low PH level of the light version of sour cream works as an acid to open up the pores and allow for better absorbtion), I am given a light facial. I lay in my damp cocoon of saran wrap, towels and a heated blanket (a bit too ‘ugh’ for a hot summer day) for another fifteen minutes before it’s time for a shower. The treatment ends with a massage, using a body cream instead of oils which leaves my skin feeling soft rather than greasy.

Treatments change depending on seasons, trends and each client’s preferences.
You can extend the treatment by spending the rest of the day in lounge chairs by the pool, or enjoying a cup of tea on the rooftop terrace. The lighting and decor is all part of the holistic approach adopted by the managment. A great way to stimulate all of our senses.
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