Eight Top International Yoga Retreats to Visit in 2019

Whether you’re looking for beaches or mountains, the physical or the spiritual for your next yoga wellness vacation, there’s a retreat out there for...

Lake Austin Resort Spa, Austin, Texas

by Roberta Sotonoff I would like to discuss the redeeming qualities of bathrobes. Doesn't slipping into one after a stressful day feel great?Well, picture this....

Balancing Yin & Yang in Hong Kong

by Judi Lees Surely this is Shangri-La. My friend and I follow a shaded trail, laced in tropical greenery that winds down a steep mountainside....

Ontario Spa Retreats – Grail Springs

by Anne DimonDetox. It’s been a buzz word in the spa industry for a number of years. Spa enthusiasts have been dipping themselves in...

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