A Bold New Vision for Luxury Ocean Travel: Exploring Longevity on Explora Journeys

Introducing: How to Achieve a Long and Healthy Life

April 27 – May 6, 2024 aboard the new, all-inclusive, luxury Explora Journeys
with longevity research clinician Dr. Ron Kapp

Cruise from Honolulu, Oahu to Vancouver, BC with stops in Kailua-Kona,
Hawaii; Nawiliwili,  Kauai; and Victoria, BC.

Beyond the many luxury offerings included on this 10-day luxury cruise with Explora Journeys, each day will include a lecture (including time for questions and answers) by Dr. Ron Kapp, plus a special Healthy Aging fitness class courtesy of a Technogym instructor and devoted to the top issues associated with healthy aging including strength training, flexibility and balance. Each member of our intimate group (no more than 30 in total) will also have the opportunity to meet with Dr. Kapp for a complimentary, one-on-one 30-minute session to discuss individual concerns about healthy aging and longevity. We’ll also have a session on how to identify your personal healthspan goals and create a post-cruise strategy. 

The rest of the time, you will be free to enjoy the many offerings featured on this luxury ship. 

Plus, there will be lots of time to socialize with the like-minded. Space is limited to just 30 people so if you are interested in more information on how to take the first step to living healthier longer, email us. 

About Dr. Kapp

Santa Barbara-based physician, author and longevity research clinician, Dr. Ron Kapp sees aging as a treatable disease, not an unavoidable fate. A medical practitioner licensed in four U.S. states, he holds several university degrees including a bachelor’s degree (biology) from Ohio State University, a master and doctoral degree (PhD, physiology) from the University of Texas, Austin, and his medical training is from UT-McGovern Medical School in Houston.

His post-graduate training was done at St. Louis University. He completed a research fellowship in sports medicine at Albert Ludwigs University in Freiburg, Germany and is board- certified by the American College of Forensic Medicine. His career has spanned over three decades in 25 different hospital systems and he is the former medical director of the National Park Service at Yosemite NP in California. 

Dr. Kapp has dedicated the last ten years to researching functional medicine and alternative healing therapies. His mission is differentiating fact from fiction, hype from hope, and presenting seminars that integrate science with well-proven cultural therapies that have withstood the test of time. His areas of expertise span wellness, enhanced longevity, optimal brain performance, vitality and improved human performance. With a passion for teaching, he embraces a holistic approach that emphasizes such things as the importance of nutrition, sleep, exercise, stress reduction, targeted supplements, toxin avoidance and more. He recently authored, Passion to Live, humorously describing his trip to Sardinia as he visited the centenarians of the island. 

An avid tennis player, Dr. Kapp is inspired by people’s ability to change their bad habits with an improved lifestyle and implement the modern discoveries of science to prevent and often reverse the chronic diseases of aging. He believes that optimal wellness living directly leads to an enhanced longevity. 


Explora Journeys is the new, all-inclusive luxury lifestyle cruise brand of Switzerland-based MSC Group. 

All Explora Journeys include the following:

Access to Ocean Wellness – The Spa which includes an area featuring thermal facilities, salt cave, hydrotherapy pool, calming treatment rooms, plus indoor and outdoor relaxation areas. Also included is The Ocean State of Mind Ritual, an experience designed to help guests center and focus themselves on developing their ‘Ocean State of Mind,’ using rotating techniques such as visualization, breath work, sound therapy and meditation.

Also included with every booking:

  • An in-suite welcome bottle of champagne and a bottle of spirit of the guests’ choice upon arrival 
  • Authentic, cultured and intuitive service from our team of hospitality experts
  • Sophisticated, varied culinary experiences across 18 food and beverage venues, including six restaurants and five lounges. 
  • Unlimited beverages, including fine wines and premium spirits anytime, including in-suite mini-bar 
  • Fitness spaces designed in partnership with Technogym and small-group classes
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the ship
  • Shuttle services from port to city centers
  • All on-board gratuities

With accommodation in an Ocean Terrace Suites, total cost for this all-inclusive, luxury 10-day Healthy Lifespan Cruise with Dr. Ron Kapp is $5,700 U.S. per person. 

Join us and learn how to live healthier longer.  

For questions or for more information contact Travel to Wellness Editor Anne Dimon at editor@traveltowellness

All members of the group will receive a 300 Euro (approx. $320 U.S.) per suite Journey Experience Credit which can be used for Destination Experiences, Spa, Chef’s Table or Anthology.  Since My Global Life Travel is part of Virtuoso, our guests will also receive an additional 150 Euro (approx. $160 U.S.) per person in addition to the 300 Euro per suite credit. 

Here are the Explora Terms & Conditions. 

By signing up for this cruise you understand and acknowledge that the information presented by Dr. Ron Kapp in each session is for general educational purposes only and is not a personal medical consultation. Anyone with allergies, other health issues or those who are currently on medication should always check with their doctors prior to making any significant changes in their lifestyle. By joining us on the cruise you absolve Dr. Ron Kapp, the WTA and all organizers of all liability. 

Cancellation policy refunds are outlined below: