Five Easy Ways to Work Exercise into Your Day

Exercise has tons of benefits from improving your overall wellness and mental health to a fitter and stronger body. Moving is essential to life – the main reason why it’s important to incorporate small consistent exercises into our daily routines. What better time to do that than now when we’re mostly working-from-home right?


According to Healthline, 61% of Americans Say They Gained Weight During the Pandemic. Pandemic Weight Gain has been a normal topic among us. It’s easy to get too comfortable in the comforts of our own homes. With the series of lockdowns all over the world, many clung to a sedentary lifestyle for multiple reasons. Many gyms are closed. There’s more time at home. Alcohol and unhealthy eating habits satisfied emotional stress. Ironically, just when we needed to be healthy the most.

With some proper mind tricks, it’s not really hard to get back into shape and exercise more. Here are some simple tips to get your body moving. 

5 Ways to Exercise Without Really Trying

1. Walk

World restrictions are easing out. Walking outside is possible again. Walk whenever you can. Walk your dog in the morning or maybe at night. Ditch your car. Get groceries on foot instead of taking public transport. Enjoy some views outside or walk in place while doing phone meetings. 

2. Take the stairs

If you’re going up a floor or two, take the stairs instead. It will add up to your steps and get your heart pumping. Do this if you’re going down the building too. Sometimes elevators and escalators can be crowded and boring. Spend some alone time by the stairs and break a little sweat. 

3. Stand or move around after every two hours of sitting

If you are working from home, chances are, you have a desk job that could entail an 8-hour-long sitting spree. Time passes by unnoticeably especially if your calendar is filled with to-dos. Set a timer that goes off every 2 hours and stand or move every time. Get some water or a quick snack. Or maybe just take a little breather while sipping on some coffee. As a break from sitting at your desk, you could also try one or two minutes of meditation.  

4. Have a dance party

Dance parties are fun. It’s a great way to move your body without even realizing it. You might enjoy it so much and forget about time. Dancing is also a great way to lose some extra pounds. Play some upbeat music and dance to the beat of your own drums. Nobody’s judging and it feels so good. 

5. Follow a quick and simple exercise routine

One of the main reasons why people hate exercising is because it takes too much of their time. The good news is, the internet is filled with quick and easy exercises that can be done in a few minutes. There are applications that provide step-by-step exercise routines. There’s a ton of Youtube videos and classes that you can take for free too. Search something like “10-minute exercise routine” to get started. You’ll probably get a variety of workout options. Choose whatever interests you. Change your time variable and search for a 5-minute exercise routine if you really have a time crunch. It’s all up to you.

If you’re still finding it hard to stay consistent or even try exercising after everything mentioned, maybe you’re just not making it fun enough. Trick your mind into doing by following these tricks. 

Treat it like a game 

  •  Start by doing basic exercises at first and level up each time. Treat yourself after doing a 3-minute plank or anything monumental. Occasionally reward yourself with some cheat meals.

Log your progress 

  • Challenge yourself by doing exercise routines for a certain time period. Start with one day. Make it 3 days after. Then do it for a month. Celebrate every achievement that you make no matter how small. It keeps you motivated.

Join an online exercise community

  • If doing challenges on your own is boring, finding an accountability buddy might work. Join social groups that promote fitness and follow along. 

Find your “fitspiration”

  • Exercising can be hard sometimes especially if you’re not in the mood. Time will come when you’ll come up with a list of reasons not to do anything at all. Find someone on top of their fitness goals and consider them everytime you’re falling out of tune. It works wonders.


Exercise for a better state of mind, not just a perfect body. Always stay on top of your health and incorporate simple activities into your daily routine to get your body moving. Another article you might like: Best portable exercise equipment for travelers.