As a seasoned spa goer there are not many treatments that I’ve not sampled – until recently, pressotherapy was one of those I hadn’t tried. If fact, to be honest, I wasn’t even sure what it was.

At Amerispa located at the lux Chateau Bonne Entente in St. Foy (just 20 minutes from the cobbled streets of Old Quebec City) the Pressotherapy Room is one of the spas 22 treatment rooms. Inside there are about half a dozen lounge chair and, hanging on a wall, strange rubber things that look like fisherman boots with the toes cut off.

As I lie down in one of the lounge chairs the therapist tilts the chair back so my feet are slightly elevated. She then slips long, white “socks” over my feet and legs right up to the thighs then helps guide me into these long, rubber, fishermen like boots. Lights are dimmed, music plays softly and there I lay wrapped up in a cozy blanket as the Pressotherapy system does its work.

The treatment is also available at other Amerispas throughout Quebec.

What happens is that the system slowly inflates one boot then the other, then releases. The feeling is pressure on the entire leg as the boot inflates, then relaxation as the pressure gently releases. This alternative of inflation and deflation on one leg then the other continues for about 20 minutes. The pressure is actually quite intense with a stronge squeezing sensation but certainly not unpleasant and it’s quite relaxing. But the true benefit comes from driving blood from the legs to the heart and then releasing which is good for the circulation.

I’m told it’s also good for “heavy legs” a feeling of having legs full of liquid, sensitive to touch and with some muscle pain. It’s also suppose to be good for the lymph sustem, muscle aches and tension pains in the legs.

It is not recommended for anyone with heart or blood conditions or vericose veins.

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