Skyterra publishes its first book: The Skyterra at Home Cookbook

The cover of a book, called, Skyterra at Home The Cookbook: Simple Recipes to Elevate Your Meals with images of various bowls of food in the background and surrounding the title.

Looking to begin making healthier food choices in 2020?  Then here’s a bit of good news!  Skyterra Wellness Retreat – located in North Carolina – has published its first cookbook titled Skyterra at Home: Simple Recipes to Elevate your Meals.

Both a resource and a guide, the cookbook includes guest favorites and staff recipes, as well as other information and tips for healthy living.

“We have learned from our guests about what works for them, what makes them feel good, and what can be easily replicated at home,” says Michael Vess, Culinary Director and Executive Chef at Skyterra. “We wanted to be able to provide a reference so past guests can continue to make the recipes they enjoyed when they were here.”

The web site Skyterra at Home already includes recipes and videos, however, the newly-  printed cookbook provides guests with a curated collection of Skyterra’s most popular recipes.

“Having a recipe written out means it’s been proven to work,” Vess says. “There’s structure to it, and behind all of the recipes in this book is a culinary team that genuinely cares about you. If our guests love the recipe, it’s in the book.”

The cookbook not only includes recipe favorites, but also practices for meal planning, knife skills and cooking techniques, and essentials to stock in pantries and kitchens. That information, Vess says, can help organize readers’ home cooking spaces.

“Having the right tools, having your shelves organized in an ergonomic way, can help make cooking healthy meals easier and more accessible,” he says. “Muscle memory is a big part of cooking, and having a clean and organized space that includes your favorite knife, cutting board, and meaningful recipes can go a long way.”

A member of the Wellness Tourism Association, Skyterra Wellness opened in June 2016 as a holistic health retreat. A team of experts help guests break old cycles, jump-start new healthy habits and revitalize their lifestyles. Activities at the retreat include classes in fitness, yoga, meditation, stress management, nutrition, cooking, health education and outdoor recreation. It was named as USA Today’s Best Wellness Retreat in the country in 2018.

Spa services and other enhancements are also available. More information on Skyterra is available at The Skyterra at Home cookbook can be purchased here.