Skyterra Wellness Retreat in North Carolina

“You deserve to feel better” is the trademark slogan of Skyterra Wellness Retreat, located in the temperate rainforest region of Brevard, North Carolina. It is a refrain echoed a number of times throughout the intense but enjoyable week-long health and fitness focused wellness retreat program.  Story by Lynn Burshtein

skyterra wellness retreat

To Owner Sue Crowell and General Manager Teresa Ostler, Skyterra’s catchphrase is no hollow platitude. They make good on their word by offering a thoughtfully designed, customizable program that is the embodiment of encouragement and support. Each week, a small group of guests (no more than 25) of all ages (from age 19 to those in their senior years), hailing from various locales (mainly North Carolina, Georgia, Texas and Florida and other parts of the U.S. plus some from as far away as Turkey, Russia and Singapore) gather on the expansive, lush property to work toward their health and wellness goals.

A few suggestions on planning a wellness retreat with intention 

Each wellness journey kicks off with a health screening

The journey to wellness starts off rather slowly: we are encouraged to participate in activities at our own pace and according to our fitness level. Before doing so, each guest goes through an arrival screening to help gauge their health concerns and to plan a customized schedule that includes one-on-one consultations, classes and lectures intended to address their individual needs.

Fitness activities, adventures and more

skyterra wellness retreat

Beyond that, there is a carousel of activities offered each day with enough variety to appeal to virtually everyone. There are adventures for the outdoor enthusiast, such as stand-up paddle boarding, waterfall hikes on picturesque trails, as well as fly-fishing and archery lessons. Fitness buffs may like the Simple Circuit, Move Well Strength or Rowing classes. And those seeking a quieter, inward journey of mindfulness will love the daily yoga, stretch and meditation classes held at the indoor or outdoor yoga studio. Luxe spa services are also available a-la-carte to assist with relaxation and restoration. Despite the variety of offerings, guests are reminded that there is no pressure to participate in any of them if they feel the need to slow down.  Other retreats and resorts close to nature

Health food options are key to any wellness retreat 

healthy food skyterra wellness retreat

At mealtime, tasty, healthy and generously sized dishes are served and modifications can be made to accommodate dietary restrictions. Meals are served community style in the dining room, fostering a close-knit group of guests. (A number of “skyterreans” I meet turn out to be repeat visitors.). There are also Games Nights featuring Bingo and Pictionary as well as community campfires by the waterfall, to keep the evenings light.

Educational wellness offerings

All of this adds up to a terrific week of recharging one’s batteries in a lovely and nurturing environment. But what sets Skyterra apart from many other wellness resorts is its comprehensive educational programming that focuses on physical and mental health. There are a number of group discussions led by experienced staff (all conducted in a judgment-free environment) that aim to address the psychological, logistical or other roadblocks preventing people from reaching their optimal health and wellness. Another signature component is Skyterra’s after-care program. To ensure departing guests have the tools to implement the knowledge they’ve acquired once they return home, a robust library of resources is made available through the Skyterra at Home website. These include demonstration exercise and yoga posture videos; Skyterra recipes, articles and other resources, as well as contact information of the staff they worked with. This helps set guests up for success well beyond their wellness retreat. For more about Skyterra Wellness.


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Lynn Burshtein, a frequent and long time  contributor to Travel to Wellness, was a guest of Skyterra Wellness in June, 2019. Photos courtesy of Skyterra. Lynn can be reached on instragram @LynnB_Travels.