12 Reasons To Visit a Spa

Credit: Thinkstock – puhhha

There are many reasons to visit a spa. While pampering only occasionally makes the list these days, the one main reason to spa is for stress release and the pursuit of wellness. It is a medical certainty that different types of negative stress can lead to a number of medical conditions, and it is a well accepted fact that spas can help relieve stress. From there it’s not a great mental leap to conclude that spas and spa treatments can help lesson the potential for developing certain medical conditions. Additionally, more and more spas are offering alternative modalities such as Touch Therapy, Ayurvedics and Hydrotherapy believe to help prevent certain medical conditions and diseases.

Here are another dozen reasons to visit a spa:

• Me time
• A romantic rendezvous with your significant other
• Bonding with your mother/daughter/sister
• Getting together with your favourite gal pals
• Celebrating a birthday, anniversary, new job or any other special occasion
• Launching a fresh new beginning
• You need to loose a few pounds
• Taking the first step on the path to wellness
• Seeking advice on nutrition, fitness, lifestyle balance or stress control
• Taking a proactive approach to managing your own health
• You promised yourself you’d try something new this year
• Your friends and business associates are doing it
• You’re taking care of yourself for the people who love you