5 top Hiking Locations in Europe for Hiking Adventures

Europe is a continent with a large and diverse terrain. The region has so many beautiful valleys, high mountains, meadows and unique coasts. So, if you are an adventurer looking forward to hiking at multiple locations in one region of the world, you might want to consider a tour of Europe.

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One good thing about hiking in Europe is that you can hike at any time of the year. This is because some hiking routes are easier to get to during summer than any other season. Yet, you will only enjoy hiking along some trails during winter. So whatever season you are free to take a tour to Europe, a hiking adventure is waiting.

In this article, you will learn about the best locations you should consider looking at when coming to Europe for a hiking adventure! So, prep your gears, and get ready to hike it. Walking and hiking tours from Butterfield & Robinson: https://www.butterfield.com/ways-to-go/walking-hiking

Here are 5 top hiking locations in Europe:

1.   Tour de Mont Blanc, France

Hiking through Tout de Mont Blanc is one of the most famous and longest hiking routes. On this route, you will behold the Alps and Alpine huts in all their glory. You will also appreciate beautiful snow-capped mountain peaks, lakes, and lush pastures of Europe’s landscape along the path.

There are clean, good hotels and lodges along the route to make your tour smooth. In addition, these lodges provide an excellent view of the surrounding mountains.

The hike route cut across three countries: Switzerland, Italy, and France. Though the route starts at Chamonix in France, you can start hiking from any of the countries and still see a good portion of Europe’s unique landscape.

The main hike starts from Chamonix through Lac Blanc and Argentiere Valley to Issert, La Fouly, and Courmayeur. From Courmayeur, you go through Les Chapieux, Bionnassay, and then back to Chamonix. Tour du Mont Blanc route is around 170km, so a complete tour should take around 10 days.

Touring Mont Blanc is epic, but you shouldn’t give it an outright try if you haven’t hiked before. It takes great stamina, strength, navigating paths, and overall, your experience as a hiker to tour through the path.

2.   Bad Gastein, Austria

You may have heard someone mention that to witness skiing at its peak, tour Bad Gastein. That’s true. Bad Gastein is the best place to see world-class skiers and skiing.

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Bad Gastein is a ski town in Gasteiner Ache, in the Gastein Valley south of Salzburg, Austria. Gastein is home to the International Winter Sports Center, luxury spas, ski resorts, and more. Also located in Gastein are the outstanding twin falls, which drop at 85 and 63 meters. Bad Gastein town is a hub of adventure every hiker will enjoy.

There are many things to do in Bad Gastein, but you know what? Never miss out on seeing the radioactive thermal springs of the town. The stunning ski scenery is also a pleasant scene to see for ski lovers.

Enjoy downtown skiing across 136 miles using any of these four standard trails. The trails include Dorfgastein-Grobarl, Sportgastein, Stubnerkogel-Angertal-Schlossam and Graukogel. Any of these routes is a good spot for ski divers to dive. Even if you are not interested in skiing, Bad Gastein features fantastic scenery, mountains, and places to visit when you come.

3.   Canary Islands, Spain

Experienced hikers believe hiking through the Canary Islands is similar to going through paradise. The Canary Islands features a complete picture of the beautiful European landscape and a temperature that favors its beauty. Seeing the beauty of the island thrills its viewer.

With different hike trails, the Canary Islands accommodate all levels of hikers. So whether you want to hike for the first time or you’ve hiked for decades, it offers the best hiking spot for every hiker.

To see breathtaking cliffs, deep ravines, and the best mountain views, you should go through the Valle de Agaete trail. The trail takes you through the mountainous inland plateau and is a short walk. If you want to hike out of the normal, go through Playa Guigui on the island’s west coast, starting from La Aldea de San Nicolas. There, you can even drink from the clear waters at the shore.

To witness volcanic rocks with your eyes, take the trail through Roque Nublo, around the National Park. Through that path, you will see the Chira and Soria dams and the towns of Artenara and Acusa. To see the greenest pastures and the most beautiful flowers, take the Taganana to the Tamadite trail. Finally, climb the trail through Punta del Hidalgo to have a good view of the area.

You could go on and on about the details of the lava lagoon of Charco de Los Clicos, the long trail of Fuerteventura, and so on. Yet, the Canary Islands isn’t the only wonder of Europe you should know about. The Islands have several places to explore on hike routes, so you should try them on your Spain tour.

4.   Mount Triglav, Slovenia

If you are an intermediate or a beginning mountain climber trying out in Europe, visit Mount Triglav. Mount Triglav will give you an outstanding mountain experience with its easy-to-go-through paths and sometimes steep slopes.

Mount Triglav, surrounded by beautiful valleys, is Slovenia’s most loved and highest peak. It is in the heart of the Julian Alps, and the peak measures about 2870m from sea level. Well, that’s relatively high. But, climbing the mountain is not technical, so it is not a difficult task.

There are different Ferrata routes to climb Mount Triglav. The most popular Krma valley in the Triglav National Park is the easiest route. Going through Krma Valley may take around two days or less. The most strenuous route is through Vrata Valley, which is for more experienced climbers. There, you will see beautiful scenes along the path.

The route from Blato Meadow is the longest yet the most attractive. The route starts close to Lake Bohinj, one of the top attractions of Slovenia. Then, using the route, you will hike through one of Europe’s most beautiful mixed terrain of rocks and meadows on the Seven Lakes Valley. The last route is through the Zadnjica Valley, through exciting paths.

5.   Norwegian Fjords, Norway

The Fjords of Norway comprise beautiful sceneries and views in one country, Norway.

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There are over a thousand fjords in Norway. Through these fjords, you may hike, climb, kayak, and explore these iconic sites, using whatever means you choose.

If you are unsure about the Fjord, you may first try the Lysefjord in the south, or the Hardangerfjord, the second longest Fjord in Norway. Blossoming apple trees mark the Hardangerfjord.

The Aurlandsfjord has one of the most breathtaking landscapes in the country. Beautiful mountains and waterfalls surround the Naeroyfjord. One of the best to pay a visit to is the Sognefjord, the King of all fjords. It stretches for over 2000m, so it is one of the widest in the world. The most captivating of all Norwegian fjords is Geirangerfjord. Geirangerfjord features epic waterfalls, adding a dazzling look to the Fjord, and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Some fjord routes are easy to navigate, even when traveling with children. For example, in the Norwegian Fjords, you can take your entire family on long walks over blue glaciers and view snow-capped mountains and cliffs.

Yes, Europe has some of the top spots for real hiking enthusiasts. The above five places show off the natural mountain ranges, alpine crossings, terrain beauty and European history. Many would say that Europe has the best hiking scenery in the world. We tend to agree.

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