Bottle None introduces shampoos and conditions that eliminate plastics

Doing their part for the sustainability of the planet, Canadian sisters – Jaye and Liz Siegmueller of Vernon, British Columbia have introduced shampoo and conditioner products that eliminate the plastic bottle containers.  Shampoo and conditioner BARS.

Good for the planet, good for the wellness-living at home and great for travel as the shampoo and conditioner bars come in their easy-to-pack travel case/soap dish.

The new bars are crafted in Canada by the aptly-named Bottle None, a sustainable beauty brand created by the two sisters. “Traditional shampoos and conditioners are 80+% water, which requires a bottle and all sorts of added thickeners and preservatives,” said Bottle None co-founder Jaye Siegmueller. “When you nix the water you get more for your money, fewer chemicals, and less packaging guilt.”

According to a news release each shampoo bar replaces two to three bottles of a comparable product and lasts for about 50 washings.

Also of note, the bars are PH balanced, formulated with natural extracts and oils, and use no harsh ingredients (surfactants, sulphates, artificial fragrance, phthalates, formaldehyde and others typically found in most shampoos and conditioners.) The bars come is five different formulas to match the various hair types.

Bottle None is available online as well as at refill stores*, hair salons, boutiques, health food stores across Canada and in the US.  And free shipping is available worldwide.

Bottle None stands for quality, integrity, and love with a vision for a plastic free beauty future.  We like that!

*Refill stores include:

Fill – Vernon, BC
Farm Bound Zero Waste – Kelowna, BC
Bare Market – Toronto, ON
Fill good Albany – California
Yukon Refillery – Whitehorse Yukon