Caribbean 2018 Year of Wellness & Rejuvenation

by Andrea Dragosits

According to The Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) Secretary General Hugh Riley, we will soon begin to see some changes and growth from the Caribbean within the wellness tourism sector of the industry.

At a November media event, Riley took the opportunity to announce 2018 as the Year of Wellness and Rejuvenation.

“We will now see our public and private sector partners step up and do promotions and creative ideas to get the word out about wellness and rejuvenation,” he said. We believe the Year of Wellness & Rejuvenation will be an opportunity for everyone to find ways to focus on a wellness holiday”.

Two Islands that were specifically pointed out were Dominica and St. Lucia. Known as the “Nature” island, Dominica has a legendary focus on wellness, respect for the environment, rejuvenation and hiking.

St. Lucia was also highly promoted as a top wellness destination by the Minister of Tourism for St. Lucia, Dominic Fedee.  With resorts (like the widely popular The Body Holiday) that focus on fitness and wellness, St. Lucia is currently perceived to be one of the top Caribbean destinations for a wellness vacation.

Riley notes, “The Caribbean has traditionally been known not only for spas and resorts that focus on wellness and rejuvenation but our whole way of life has been focused on a being relaxed, and more laid back type of environment,” he said. Yes we have beach, sun, sea and sand, he continued, “but there are a number of activities that are focused on rejuvenating the mind and the body in all kinds of ways across the Caribbean.”

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