Cellex-C Launches to New Vitamin C

cellex C rejuvenating cream

Toronto-based Cellex-C International Inc, a pioneer in the use of vitamin C for skin care since 1991, has recently introduced a new product called Age•Less 15® Rejuvenating Cream, designed for the face and neck.

Infused with peptides and protecting ingredients, Age•Less 15 helps guard the skin from the harmful effects of glycation, a phenomenon that occurs when dietary sugar reacts with collagen and elastin, causing them to become rigid and prone to deterioration and breakage. This leads to the appearance of lines, wrinkles and sagging contours. Rejuvenating Cream promises to tackle skin aging by helping reduce this age-induced collagen fragility. Twice daily and continuous application is intended to will combat the visible signs
 of aging.

Boasting its own special mechanism of action, Age•Less 15 Rejuvenating Cream also helps provide the skin with the required structural and functional support to help promote skin cohesion – resulting in a firmer, healthier, and more
youthful appearance.

The other products in the Age•Less 15 line have been 
designed to provide ‘corrective cell signaling’ – to help skin behave as if it were considerably younger. The signaling process contributes to maintaining the firm structure of the skin’s dermal and epidermal layers.  The use of the line’s Skin Signaling Serum along with the Rejuvenating Cream is recommended as product has its own, unique corrective function.

The new Rejuvenating Cream completes the popular Age•Less 15 line which includes the Skin Signaling Serum and the Young Eyes Contour Gel.  The new product sells for $255. Your skincare professional can offer additional details on the product as well as other useful advice to help with younger looking skin. For more info on Cellex-C.

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