Garra Rufa Fish Pedicure Treatment

by Anne Dimon

We finally had the opportunity to try this fishy foot treatment. At the large and beautiful Spa de Autor at the luxury Grand Velas in the Riviera Maya, the treatment is simply called the Fish Spa

While sitting on a raised and cushioned seat, you dip your feet into fish tanks of room temperature water just like you would dip your feet into a pedicure whirlpool.

The difference here is that the water is swirling with inch long Garra Rufa fish from Turkey. The tiny ravanous fish very gently nibble and suck on the dead skin of your feet and toes. Yes. It tickles at first but soon becomes a pleasant tingling as the ravanous little creatures feast on dry, dead skin. Think of it as a natural exfoliate and yes it does work.

The 25 minutes of “foot soak and feast” is followed by a foot massage.