How to Help Save the World From Your Couch

These days the world is a wee bit scary and we are unsure of the future. There are many of us that want to do things to help this changing world, but don’t know how as many of us are on lockdown or practicing social distancing. So, here are just a few ways you can help save the world, all from your couch:

Making PPE (personal protective equipment) at home for ourselves or others

Personal production equipment is in short supply throughout many communities. With the appropriate textiles, you can make PPE for yourself, your family and for others including  essential workers.

Follow the CDC’s advice for how to make a face covering with cotton fabric (from an old T-shirt or bandana for instance), elastic (string, hair ties, rubber bands), and needle and thread, or even a bobby pin. Instructions and how-to’s here.

Try living more sustainably

With us being home more, we should take this time to create a more sustainable home. Like any other lifestyle change, sustainable living takes conscious effort to develop and maintain habits, and there is no time like the present while you have the ability to learn and implement these habits at home. You can, for example, take action to conserve water to save the planet and follow leading societies that are creating solutions to tackle the problems of water. Note: While you are washing your hands for at least 20 seconds, be sure to turn the water off when it is not in use!  You can also focus in on your household’s plastic use and food waste.

Deliver groceries and supplies to your neighbors who are afraid to go out or elderly

Some people, including the elderly, are more at risk while shopping for groceries and the essentials. If you can know of those in your community who are scared to go out or any elderly community members that could use some support, ask them what items they need and add it to your list when you head out.

Purchase gift cards to local businesses

Most local businesses are struggling to get through these tough times. You can support them by purchasing gift cards for the local businesses where you know you will go once it is safe to do so. It’s an upfront cost you can make to help these businesses survive. 

Last but not least, stay home!!

stay home

Simply put, you can help save the world by STAYING HOME. With less exposure and fewer interactions between people, COVID-19 has less of an opportunity to spread.

These ways of helping may not feel life changing, but you are doing your part to help the world get through this! The ripple effect of one person, one family, one community, etc. playing their part to save the world can have drastic results for a better world.

Yes. We are all in this together.