Six Good Reasons to Book a Cycling Trip

Cycling trips and tours are gaining popularity and for good reason. Story by Erin Nicole Davis

If the pandemic and its relentless lockdowns have taught us anything, it’s to live each life experience to its fullest – and travel is certainly no exception.

Travel has taken on a whole new meaning in the wake of COVID-19, with people craving more meaningful and memorable trips. Rather than “cheap and cheerful” or basic and last-minute, today’s travelers are adding thoughtful escapes like African safaris, heli-hiking and sailing excursions to their bucket lists.

Cycling trips and tours are also gaining popularity, as active travelers “switch gears” with their travel plans. Cycling adventures are tailored to various fitness levels (so there’s nothing to be intimidated of) and take participants everywhere from Vermont’s countryside to Italy’s stunning Dolomite mountains.

Here are six good reasons to try a cycling trip.

cycling trips and toursPhoto credit: Sojourn Bicycling & Active Vacations

A Cycling Trip Gives You Something to Work Toward
While you by no means need to be a seasoned cyclist to embark on a cycling trip, you do want to prepare your body for it, or it could come as a shock to the system after day one. For some people, an upcoming cycling trip could be all the motivation needed to kick-start a newfound fitness regimen or to rediscover parts of their hometown via bicycle in preparation for newfound terrain.

You’ll Return Home Feeling Better
Unlike some vacations that leave you feeling sluggish and a little foggier thanks to indulgent wining and dining, a fresh air-filled cycling trip will leave you feeling recharged mentally and physically long after the flight home touches down. Not only will your body thank you – cycling is linked to lower body fat levels, strengthened muscles, and improved coordination – but you can savor the memories with a sense of pride at your accomplishment.

You Can Meet New Friends from Around the World
Some cycling adventures can be small and intimate – a family or group of friends – but others involve a mixed bag of fellow adventure seekers from around the world. The experience inevitably facilitates an unforced sense of bonding with fellow cyclists, as you share daily discoveries, challenges and triumphs. The best part about having friends from around the world, of course, is that you always have an excuse to visit.

A Cycling Trip Forces You to Travel Slowly
Rather than zipping through the countryside and vibrant towns and cities, cycling forces you to travel slowly, taking in more of the landscape straight from the source in a more immersive manner than that offered by car or tour bus. While many cycling trips include the inevitable tourist must-see landmarks, they also offer the opportunity to authentically experience more of a country or city’s off-the-beaten-path elements in the in-between journey – small villages, local vendors, and hidden gems alike.

Cycling is Environmentally Friendly
In an era of red-hot temperatures, forest fires, and rising sea levels, it’s beyond time for everyone to play an active role in protecting the environment. Unlike exploring new parts of the world by car or train, cycling produces zero CO2. Furthermore, most cycling companies pride themselves in their low environmental footprint when it comes to everything from meals to accommodations. Immerse yourself in nature with a bike tour to one of the U.S.’s most iconic National Parks.

You Don’t Need to Plan
One of the best parts about taking a cycling tour is that all of the planning is done for you – all you need to do is show up and ride. With countless options available for cycling trips, the most important piece of planning involved choosing one that suits your travel and cycling needs. But when you get there, you’ll ride easy, thanks to daily itineraries, meals, and a seasoned guide all built into the experience. So, all you have to focus on is enjoying the moment. Two of our favourite tour companies offering cycling trips are Butterfield & Robinson and GoSojourn.

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