Terra & Tu Offers Tuscany Wellness Adventure

Los Angeles-based Terra & Tu organizes adventure-focused wellness trips. Designed for avid travelers and wellness junkies alike, Terra & Tu journeys emphasize exploration and cultural immersion as an integral part of the wellness experience. With the assistance of wellness experts and experienced local guides and staff, travelers will experience the culture, well-being practices, food, and nature of the destination firsthand.

Finlay Bressler, Founder and President of Terra & Tu, says, “While traditional wellness trips often focus on deprivation meant to lead one to wellness, we take the opposite approach believing that true wellness is not about denying yourself the pleasures of life, but enriching your mind, body, and soul with positive experiences.”  For example, he says, “Focused on creating meaningful connection with the culture and heritage of Tuscany through guided exploration, having outstanding culinary experiences, and measured but impactful yoga, meditation, and spa sessions, in the most beautiful settings, here at Terra & Tu our wellness adventures are about fulfillment.”

The Tuscany Wellness Adventure is just one example of types of trips the company offers.  

Terra & Tu Tuscany Wellness Adventure
Terme di Saturnia Spa and Resort

This eight-day guided tour departs from Florence where participants spend two days at the five-star Terme di Saturnia Spa and Resort, famous as the location of the medicinal hot springs of the ancient Romans. After that, guests make their way to Terra & Tu’s private Tuscan villa near the hilltop village of Asciano. From this exclusive location, guests enjoy six-days exploring medieval hilltop villages and quiet hiking trails with the best local guides, tasting Tuscany’s famed wines, and relaxing at the villa with yoga mornings and culinary afternoons that feature the regions famous cheeses, honey, pasta and produce.

The Tuscany Wellness Adventure offers a balance of activity and relaxation designed to leave travelers rejuvenated, enriched and energized. Guests who want more self-guided meditation or relaxation time may opt to forgo excursions beyond the villa on most days.  For more about Terra & Tu.