Green Mountain at Fox Run has closed its doors.

This story dates back to when the retreat was still open:

For almost 45 years, women have been escaping to this weight and wellness retreat in beautiful Vermont to discover a non-diet and life-changing way of addressing issues around eating, exercise, stress, and weight.  The staff at Green Mountain at Fox Run was made up of caring, experienced professionals at the forefront of the health and wellness fields, and they customize one, two, three, four week or more programs to individual needs. The focus is on helping women live their lives fully through mindfulness to end eating struggles and acquire healthy habits around food, manage stress, and make fitness more of a celebration than a mere practice. The cornerstone of the program is to help women accept and embrace their bodies, which paves the way to effective self-care. Exemplifying their mantra that “there’s a gentler and more comfortable way to lasting change,” Green Mountain offered a practical, sustainable approach to ending eating and weight struggles for good.